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  1. Hello, Does the HCU stick go back to the centre automatically if you drop it in real life? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello, I have the same problem, the springs is noisy like your video... I have tried changing the grease (with and without), the direction of the spring, various things but nothing helps, it always comes back after a few movements...
  3. Ok, too bad, flashing a "strong" light, non-stop, is a bad idea. It's better to leave it fixed or just turn it on if there's a problem. Anyway, it's fine with black tape.
  4. Hi, I would like to change the Sync of the light for this 2 buttons (AA/AG). For now, the AG light, lights only if the AA/AG switch is on AG and AG1/AG2 switch is on AG2 But I would prefere the AG lights when AA/AG switch is on AG, no matter of the position of the AG1/AG2 switch. Thanks a lot!
  5. Any chance of finding a solution to prevent blinking? (permanent on or off) Thanks!
  6. Hmm, I can try this yes, to send an X-Y mouse command on board. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Hello, I would like to change the Z position of the mouse pointer in VR to be higher than the center like (thx paint!) : I'm not using a mouse to point, but only my head. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hello, Do you have the sheet of your boards? I need to do this thing for 4/5 4021 in daisychain but I don't see clearly the circuit and therefore where each component is connected. Can you help me with that? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hello, What swtiches are momentary switches and those who are not? For me, for the collective, all switches are momentary, except STOW switch, right? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hello! I'm really impressed with all the work you've done! I've already done some 3D and printed stuff like a mini cockpit for the JF-17 but as soon as it curves (like a joystick) I can't 3D model it. Also, is it possible to have your 3D or stl file of the AH-64D collective please? Even if it's just the shape without the holes for the buttons, that I can take care of Thanks for moving forward and congratulations again!
  11. Hello, do you have an approximate date for those who pre-ordered before March 15? Thanks a lot!
  12. Yeah but your missions was better than ones
  13. Is this mod works with Airlink? I already test that, but I see no difference (fps and image quality) Thx! Is this mod works with Airlink? I already test that, but I see no difference (fps and image quality) Thx!
  14. Any chance for Deka team to use your missions (after "debuging") to the official tutorial mission?
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