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  1. If you are using the Fingers app, you should disable all the Leap stuff in DCS - if you use them both at the same time things will go awry (because Fingers moves the mouse, and DCS does its own thing)
  2. Copying LeapC over can help. One thing to try is to use the Leap visualizer software (IIRC it's installed as "Tracking Vizualizer") and see if the hands register cleanly in there with or without your rings on (which look awesome btw). The visualizer might point to other sources of interference too.
  3. My cockpit is mostly 8020-based, so I 3D printed some adapters for a RAM mount null
  4. Since you mentioned "setting up": one thing I've found is that the bind screen doesn't always accept the controls if they're input from the Streamdeck and there are lots of modifiers, but the game itself will - if that's the case here, you can set up the controls using a regular keyboard or the dropdowns.
  5. In case anyone's looking for a project to build their own solutions on, I just wrote a tool to convert my OP-1's MIDI output to keyboard commands so I could use it in DCS. Video below, and source code here (Rust). Pxl 20220509 022800259.Ts-1.m4v
  6. Even with some effects set to 5%, my JetPad was still too strong for the persistent effects like rotor blades, so I just followed this suggestion and it's perfect - tones it down well while leaving the bigger effects intact.
  7. What's the software issue? VKBConfig has one of the most confusing UIs of any software ever, I agree, but I set it up once to make sure DCS gets all the buttons, then never have to touch it again
  8. It could be a great TEDAC for the Apache
  9. In addition to what's listed above, I find differential braking is enormously helpful in keeping the plane centered on the runway in hairy landings when you're below rudder speed but above NWS speed
  10. A few options: I lean forward a little then turn around, which gets me a better angle on a lot of the controls. If you have your 'reset view' key bound, you could try looking in the opposite direction, then resetting your view so that forward is offset to one side while you deal with the controls. You could also look at VRNeckSafer, which lets you magnify your view angle.
  11. Yeah - I had this issue and reseating it as @dburne mentioned fixed it; others have seen similar. On the Ultimate grip you can see when it happens because the LEDs change color.
  12. This has been massive upgrade for my Pimax 8KX - using the default settings has allowed me to turn MSAAx2 on, so I get am overall better picture at higher framerates
  13. Your monitor doesn't flicker its backlight at 60hz - it just keeps it on, whereas most headsets flash their backlight at the refresh rate of the screen so you only see the image briefly. This is because they don't want the image to persist as you quickly move your head as doing so would lead to very brief moments where the image feels like its in the wrong place, making some people sick. Even in desktop displays that don't have backlights (like OLED), there tends not to be a long period of blackness between updates because they don't care about that motion sickness problem. Additionally, the headset image takes up a much bigger chunk of your field of view, and people are more sensitive to flickering in the corners of their vision. If you had a CRT monitor (low persistency) and put your head so its display took up as much of your FOV as your HMD, you'd probably notice the flickering.
  14. Thanks for letting me know, @skunk160 and @Sielu, I will try to make a new build that avoids this problem soon.
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