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  1. I wonder if it is possible to detect a flare in a moving zone. In an intercept scenario, dropping flares is a sign to force a plane to turn back. As soon as the intercepting fighter is near the intruder and drop flares, a trigger should occurred. Could you please give me a push?
  2. @stuartaston I think just to delete some files it is not done. Im new to lua and I try to figure out, what file affects which effect. I also need a version just with HMD-size and MSAA. Can you give us CaptYosi, jason peters, me and some others a hint, how to do such a version? @CaptYosi I also got this strange clear water-effect, even when deleting the water-file before installing the mod.
  3. Ok. Problem solved. Assigning the trigger detents with the DXs in foxy it works as it should. Thank you all for your help
  4. I think I understand. Using the DX function in foxy is exactly the same as define bottoms of the stick in DCS itself (and that works). I will give it a try tomorrow and you a feedback. Hhank you guys for your time
  5. Hi, I try to make a profile for my F16 via foxy. It works so far, but one problem is left. I want define TG1 (First Detent) for lasing ("l") and TG2 (Second Detent) for shooting ("space"). BTN TG1 /H Lasering BTN TG2 /H CAMERA/GUN_Trigger-SECOND_DETENT TG1 works perfect, TG2 not (just if you define TG2 without TG1). I think there must be some problems with the keybindings. Some idea? Please help
  6. coldViPer, you are my hero! Had the same issue. changed "weapon release"-code and it works! Thank you very much :pilotfly:
  7. Same here. Did everything as shown on wags video or discriped in forum. Mavericks parameter for launch are given, Mav X is gone, Mav in RNG and solid green box on MAV-page which shows that the Maverick gets the laser. Pressing trigger and weapon release .... nothing. I tried it over and over again, must be a bug
  8. The client/player should stay as low as possible to avoid the radar and should use the terrain to stay undetected. If getting detected a red flight should start. This is not done with checking MSL-AGL, so I wanted to combine radar detection (search radar sites - radar picture) and some visual detection (red units - Line of sight and distance). To get LOS and distance is no problem, but I have still no clue to get that radar detection.
  9. As I wanted to know when a plane gets detected by radar from a sam site, I hope the function getRadar() could bring me further. With your help Hardcard I find something interesting. 1.The boolean "unitRadar" is getting true just for search radar units. 2.In the case of a S300-site just the launcher-units gives you the "target", but just before it fires a missile. Is there an other function fits better. (In a mission I want to fire a flag when a player flies to high an gets detected by radar) PS: Try it with "isTargetDetected" aswell, but that function stays true in line of sight and radar detection after once gets true.
  10. Hi, I want to know if a unit has detected a plane and found that function: boolean, Object Unit.getRadar(Class Self ) example: unitRadar,target=Unit.getByName(red):getRadar() 1st val gets true, if the unit has a search radar. The 2nd val returns the object that has been detected, right? How can I get the name of the detected object("target")?
  11. @Hardcard Here is that mission file. Event tester.miz I will give it a try with using the numerical id enumerator, but I didn't have luck even with this code So I think the event doesn't get the host for some reason. Maybe you find a way....
  12. @Delta99 Unfortunately events on host still doesn't work even when entering spectator slot before. Now I will try to code with MIST and MOOSE. Perhaps this will work. @Hardcard Yes, sadly But somehow it must work, because DCS noticed hits on hosting clients. :book:
  13. Same aircraft, both F18. @hardcard Thanks so far. The script and the event manager works fine for joining client(s) when shooting on each other.For the hosting client no event fires for some reason. Client shoots host shot event doesnt work Host shoot client shot event works Client gets hit hit event works Host gets hit hit event doesnt work
  14. I need your help again. I want to build a dogfight trainings mission (gunsonly, maybe heaters later). 2 clients, both immortal. Every shell-hit gives you points. I thought I could do this with checking the EVENT-HIT, but it only works fine on the "joining" client. It seems there are some problems with the EVENT-management for the "hosting" client. No EVENT when the HOST gets hit. With the following code I checked the events: Does someone has an idea how to solve the problem? May be my code is trash, may be there is an other way to come further (missiles can be tracked and you can check the distance to the target, but shell....) Very thankful for some help Tom
  15. Here the working lua code: Menu in LUA.lua
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