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  1. I agree with you. The status of the Harrier module is so sad... :(
  2. The KA-50, Mi-8 and Huey. I have no complaints, really. Before this I had Saitek rudders but you cannot compare the two.
  3. Do you guys know if I order a pro gladiator I can get a baseplate too? Its possible that I have to use it on the table for some time.
  4. I have the same mark 4 since a year or two ago, its perfect so far. Precise, sturdy. Love it that you are not pushing them so theres no need to attach it to the floor.
  5. Nice, now I just have to wait until 2.5 is released.
  6. Just to clarify, MCG will be available with the gunfighter or with the gladiator base (or both)? I also hope that I dont have to buy the other grips if I only want the MCG.
  7. Thanks for the update! Waiting for my favorite server to return :smilewink:
  8. I think you are a little late :)
  9. Oh wow thank you very much! :v:
  10. Yes, but we will get 2.5 on 22 December. :sorcerer:
  11. I loved it, was one of my favorite games! Time flies... :cry_2: I knew it was coming for christmas! :)
  12. I could extract the mission file, but if I understood correctly there are some additional script files.
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