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  1. I ended up removed it with pliers. But from what I see from your photo the cam is not "polished", unlike the default one. Do you have any smoothness issuse with these cams?
  2. I got mine last night and was unable to remove the pitch cam... I guess I will have to try it again tonight.
  3. I think I have come to conclusion that all the extra cams I got are deflective. Since I am only able to remove the roll cam. I replaced the hard one with the soft one and found that the movement is not smooth when I move the stick to the right edge. After I inspected the cam I thought it's because of the surface of the cam so I reverse the cam and the left edge of the stick is not smooth now... And then I compare those cam with the hard cam I found that the contacting surface of the hard cams had been smoothed and it's color is silvery metal color while all the other cams are with black coating. edit: add photos http://imgur.com/tuZ5xCR http://imgur.com/3a52Unv And here is the whole t50 album http://imgur.com/a/tNZdz
  4. Hi Cyph3r, when I try to change the spring I find that one of the spring loading screw(roll axis) is off center and the white plastic is rubbing the inner side of the tube. This makes it hard to adjust from through the hole in the top plate and increases the friction. Is there a fix to that?
  5. I also ordered mine on 14 Apr... Hope it will be dispatched today.
  6. That must be a very small batch of shipping. When we the next batch be shipped? Can't wait to get my mongoosT base.
  7. I've got my tracking no. on 18 Jul but the tracking no. is still not trackable.
  8. It doesn't really make sense. Being compatible with TM WH base doesn't mean that the T-50 grip can't have more inputs than WH base can handle. Actually the T-50 has an anology brake that the TM base can't handle...
  9. Hi, do you have any idea about when will the MCG pro be available?
  10. My extension also has some scratches and the "screw" of the desk mount looks like used. I don't really mind because they have no impacts on their functions. The grip was packed in a box and is in perfect condition. https://imgur.com/a/tNZdz
  11. I ordered mine on April 5th and it's still not yet shipped:cry:
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