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  1. Does it make sense to add the CPU in this comparison?
  2. Can you test the headset and cable on another computer/laptop?
  3. Some maps and multiplayer missions benefit from more than 16GB of RAM. VR mostly benefits from a fast GPU!
  4. Crazy price differences worldwide... The F18 grip is only 99 euro in The Netherlands! https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1472972/thrustmaster-f-a-18c-hornet-hotas-add-on-grip-joystick-zwart.html
  5. Received mine a few months ago. Installation was a breeze when you just follow the instructions. Worth every penny! My slew control is smoother than when the Warthog set was new out of the box.
  6. Do you see the yellow marks in other programs than DCS? (I think the first screenshot is not from DCS) And if so, did you leave the G2 headset in the sunlight recently? Found this on Reddit:
  7. USB signals are not very demanding on bandwith so I think you will be safe.
  8. I am using a powered USB3 hub which has the option with a button for each connection to switch it on and off. That provides me with an easy option to switch from driving sim to flight sim hardware.
  9. Just followed these steps and I got a working Leap Motion controller in DCS (beta). I actually flipped some switches in the KA-50. It was GREAT! Thanks @megatech and Dan from Leap Motion!
  10. Why do you think disconnecting the G2 would make any difference? When running Windows Updates disconnecting the G2 CAN make a difference as it happened twice until now that having the G2 connected resulted in a broken Windows update...
  11. Plywood and some plastic pipe will create a nice VR pit (in VR you will not notice the wood and plastic )
  12. Just a longshot: If the LeapC.dll file is the thing that is incompatible with DCS, should it be worth to try if installing the 5.2 version of the Leap software and only replacing the LeapC.dll file with the 5.0 version works in the Visualizer and in DCS?
  13. Version 5.2 of the Ultraleap software has been released. See https://developer.leapmotion.com/gemini-release-notes?utm_source=email&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=spatial&utm_content=gemini I didn't have time to check it out yet.
  14. My collective arrived today. It was very sturdy packaged and the delivery time was 14 days (5 days from customs in the Netherlands to my home). Thank you Mikhail!
  15. Strange, there is no MixRealityDriver folder in my Steam folder>steamapps>common>... There is a SteamVR folder on that location but there is no OpenVRSettingsUX.exe in Steam folder>steamapps>common>SteamVR>bin>win64 EDIT: Found the wanted file on Steam folder>steamapps>common>MixedRealityDriver>bin>win64>OpenVRSettingsUX.exe on another drive (was initially checking the C-drive only).
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