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  1. 906th is recruiting we fly most DCS aircraft except the F-15 and we also do a little role playing as a former Soviet state similar to something like Ace Combat. We offer training in airframes also. most of us are ESTaswell. We do participate in monthly ops with other squadrons and we also PVP on servers. Check out our website and feel free to join discord if you have any questions. https://gorgas.airforce/gorgas-army-air-corps/ https://discord.gg/j8a4mVj
  2. I've flown with 8 mates and they are some cool people.
  3. Does the Block 1 support link 17?
  4. Check out http://www.blacksharkden.com/ You might find your home with them.
  5. I'm honestly fine with any release date. As long as it's as complete as possiable.
  6. Hello DCS World! Names Agetec (Age-tech) Callsign in DCS is usually Yuki or Age I'm a United States Air Force veteran I was miltary police. I currently am in security, but I've always loved DCS I'm looking for a mature United States based squadron to fly with casual or Mil Sim is fine with me. I enjoy learning new things and want to expand my knowledge with some help. I own FC3, KA-50, AV8B, M-2000, F/A-18, Viggen, Huey, A-10C,and Mi-8 I enjoy flying Most of these modules but my preferred air frame would but the Su-33, AV8B, F-15, and KA-50. I enjoy "attempting" to make my own missions, multiplayer pve and pvp. If you guys have any questions can ask me here. Looking forward to fly with you guys!
  7. I did a repair and I confirmed that my system starts in administrator mode. Crash still happed right before 4 minutes into the mission. The crash seems to happen when I'm in the F10 map and I try and click on a object between 8:53 and 8:54 In game time. uploaded the latest crash. If I wait about 6 minutes into the mission before I click anything it doesn't seem to happen. But I'm not sure the threshold. dcs.log-20171213-114853.zip
  8. Here is the mission file. Movie Mission.miz
  9. I do have DCS with Administrator rights.
  10. I will attach the mission. It seemed pretty random but happened within 4 mins of the mission start.
  11. Not sure why it's crashing in the mission teh log doesn't really give me a clear answer. Don't know what mouse callbacks mean. I uploaded the crash.rar from all three crashes. I can also upload the mission .miz if needed. If anyone has experianced this let me know Thank you. dcs.log-20171213-093809.zip dcs.log-20171213-092507.zip dcs.log-20171213-091801.zip
  12. Agetec

    M-2000C skins

    I had to add the folder. I thought it was under the mirage - 2000-5 folder but it was not. Thanks so much.
  13. Agetec

    M-2000C skins

    Not sure if this is the correct area. New here, I searched already but couldn't find the correct answer I was looking for. I can't find my skins for the plane the France skins are showing but not my USA or RUS skins do i need to edit the LUA file and add France in there? Any points or tips? I downloaded most of the Ace Combat skins from the user files section.
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