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  1. I have heard that. Imo that’s not on the same level as a Jester/George/Petrovich level of AI
  2. You’re wrong or at least ill informed on all accounts….. First of all, we’ve already seen it fly, cycle through HUD modes and fire AMRAAMs at bugged targets on the Radar (in TWS). Secondly we’re not getting a Backseat AI (would be useless and a monumental waste of resources anyway). I invite you to take a look at this thread as you can follow all the developments from the last couple of months (but keep discussion to this thread)
  3. As seen below, Delmar Lake just outside of LV looks completely different with the actual mountains surrounding it that we lack in DCS. Additionally, for some reason in DCS there are powerlines running over the lake that are not even there in real life, would be great to see it fixed in DCS for ALZ operations. And here the almost sad looking area in DCS
  4. Another quick update from RB, both external and mask model
  5. Another helmet update
  6. And another update, this time the oxygen mask, ofc still WIP
  7. A look at the textured WSO (and Pilot?) helmet. Looking great!
  8. I honestly don’t know, but It being such a specific Block 40 thing makes me doubt that it is. But then again, who am I to know this
  9. It’s called an FCF or Functional Check Flight, you should look that up. And i’ll help you out of your dreams. We’re not getting removable CFT’s, regardless of how much the community begs for it
  10. Another update on the pilot model, textures looking great. Along with a brilliant mustache
  11. While true, the F-15E is completely different from the F-16/A-10. It doesn’t work with the SPI/SOI system like those 2 do.
  12. Another update, this time about the pilot models:
  13. Well they gotta add something to the Moneyboat to make it worth $50
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