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  1. If we compare the information about BS3 from the weekend news from Jan 3rd 2020 and the current newsletter, can we conlcude that this new russian law only killed the implementation of the "Integrated Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM)"? It is the only announced feature that hasn´t been mentioned.
  2. I think it is pretty safe to say it is the mystery-aircraft. ED did already say that it wont be a russian aircraft.
  3. Can we already tell whether it will be a an AH-64A or AH-64D? I cant differentiate them, when i dont see the cockpit.
  4. I think what he meant are two seaters not by the number of seats but by the function. Trainers have pretty much repeater cockpits. The gunner position in the Hind is not requiered to really use the aicraft (afaik). Planes like Tornados, F-111 and Tomcats are different here. They would need somethink like Jester AI. I think that is the point.
  5. Couldn´t find the time stamp rigth now, but yeah. About the Apache it might be different. It´s probably more comparable to the Hind than a Tornado or Tomcat.
  6. In the interview Simon Pearson said that they won´t do a Tornado because it is a two seater. I think the same point can be applied on the F-111.
  7. It would be really great to have the addition of ILS beacons at airfields to make the German AFN-2 homing system usable. It is pretty ironic that the only real navigation system the German warbirds have, can only be used in the modern era maps. I know that ILS beacons are not an optimal solution for WW2 maps, but if this is the only way to make it work than that´s what it is.
  8. Personally, I wouldn´t put too much trust in this kind of videos...
  9. Other languages would be very handy for other eras like WW2. Authentic German ATC and wingman communications with the old brevity codes would be super cool. And how about Swedish? Did the Viggen pilots speak English during the cold war?
  10. I really start to believe that F-35 is it. Given that military contracts are getting mentioned by ED all the time now and seem to get more important and that so many other candidates can be ruled out, it may be the only aircraft left that ticks all the boxes. I think it would be very plausible that the US armed forces want a DCS like simulator on such an widely used aircraft. Also remember: a few months ago nobody would have thought that such modern plane like the Typhoon would be possible. Now we are gonna get it.
  11. Thanks for the update. What status does the Bo-105 have? Is it being worked on currently?
  12. Will this be the next WW2 aircraft after the Mosquito by ED?
  13. Ok, good to know. Thank you!
  14. Did the A8 use the R4M rockets? If yes, it would be a really nice addition to the 21cm rockets. Are they planned? Thanks
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