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  1. 1(F) Squadron RAF Air UK Number 1 Squadron, also known as No. 1 (Fighter) Squadron, is a squadron of the Royal Air Force. It was the first squadron to fly a VTOL aircraft. The squadron motto, In omnibus princeps ("First in all things") reflects the squadron's status as the RAF's oldest unit, having been involved in almost every major British military operation from the First World War to the present time. These include the Second World War, Suez Crisis, Falklands War, Gulf War, Kosovo War, Operation Telic (Iraq) and Operation Herrick (Afghanistan). 1 Squadron operated the Harrier from 1969 until its retirement from service in 2010. RAF Air UK formed 1(F) Squadron in October 2019 since then it has led operations utilising the RAZBAM DCS AV8B NA for missions ranging from low level CAS, interdiction of attack helicopters, SEAD, medium to high level guided weapon strikes and COIN operations in all theaters of operations within DCS World. 1(F) Squadron have often found themselves embarked aboard HMS Hermes for operations around the globe but are also not strangers to operating from the LHA-1 Tawara of the US Navy. 1(F) Squadron is slways happy to welcome Harrier pilots of all skill sets and abilities to join its ever growing ranks. We are a UK based group with members across the world, usually flying around 1930GMT Always looking for some new Harrier pilots! RAF Air UK http://www.rafairuk-dcs.co.uk Or find our Discord https://discord.gg/K6veWrc
  2. RAF Air UK http://www.rafairuk-dcs.co.uk/ RAF Air UK was born out of many years using flight simulation software. Having used MS Flight Simulator in most of it's guises, the progression to DCS was a major step forward both graphically and playability wise. Our vision is to become an effective leading virtual military aviation organisation that embraces all levels of experience and scenarios. Our mission is to create an open and friendly cohesive community that welcomes new pilots and veterans alike within an inclusive ground & air environment which achieves excellence. Our Goals are: To provide and maintain a high quality, self-financing multiplayer virtual military aviation environment that encompasses all levels of experience To provide and maintain a web presence supporting all aspects of RAF Air UK To provide learning and development for virtual pilots at all levels To provide a flexible military unit and rank hierarchy similar to the RAF To encourage camaraderie, esprit de corps and mutual support Pilots from all skill sets can join our rapidly growing group, with a wealth of knowledge from former RAF squadron commanders to C130 and buccaneer crewman all the way up to and including currently serving tank commanders we can build and enhance your simming experience from the ground up! Our pilots generally operate from the following units: 97 Squadron (A10C) 41(F) Squadron (F/A-18C) 1(F) Squadron (AV8B) 11(F) Squadron (F-14B) If realism is your bag our 41(F) Squadron (F/A-18C's) pride themselves with true RAF ground attack tactics the unit is commanded by a former RAF Jaguar squadron leader so experience is plenty within RAF Air UK We also have a serving Challenger 2 tank commander who actively operates as a human JTAC for added immersion to our missions. Once you all joined up we conduct a short "check flight" to ensure you up to speed and have basic abilities within your chosen airframe and once you have a tick in the box we conduct group missions on a Tuesday and a Thursday from 1930GMT We look forward to joining you all in the skies soon! http://www.rafairuk-dcs.co.uk/
  3. People asked me how to get respawning enemy units in to missions without having to place a million and one groups, so I am moving my mission editor series on to scripting tools starting with how to install MIST to a mission. (Moose will come later)
  4. Awesome stuff! Will it be capable of having the nozzle attached to conduct AAR?
  5. How many ways can we spawn aircraft in to our missions? many in fact, today I look in to some of the different ways we can spawn aircraft in to our missions.
  6. Getting AI to attack a single planned group (a viewer requested video).
  7. ah right, that's great, I assumed it had to have a reason, thanks again all for the information!
  8. Anyone know the answer to this, I haven't noticed it until recently myself.
  9. Hi all, is there any way I can get a chinook to sling load a ground vehicle? I've been messing with the cargo transportation actions but that only seems to work for cargo objects. I have the vehicle I want transported ticked as transportable however I can't seem to work it out....if it's at all possible that is! Can anyone shed some light on this? Many thanks Matt.
  10. how to use the in game F10 radio menu to spawn units at will! Be sure to keep an eye out for my next few videos as they will be on viewer requests!
  11. New tutorial on static scenery placement on the ground and at sea.
  12. New tutorial on how to active uncontrolled AI units within a mission with a couple of different examples.
  13. A quick mission editor guide on how to spawn units using trigger zones!
  14. A tutorial on basic spawning of units without MIST or Moose.
  15. A quick tutorial on how to have a tanker refuel and return to its tasking.
  16. Hey all, Im very new to MOOSE, basically I am looking to create a range location with player scoring much like seen in this video, but I couldn't find how to achieve it, can anyone help? ${1} Many thanks!
  17. A flight working under RAF Air UK's newly formed Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) headed up by an ex RAF Jaguar OCU Wing Commander! a must for anyone wanting to take realistic RAF tactical flying to the next level. This mission specialises in low level tactical turns, I have added Tacview to show what's happening during turns in real time.
  18. DCS World Mission Editor Series Tanker Creation and Waypoint Orbit
  19. I have created a YouTube series that aims to help people with little or no mission editor knowledge, here is the first in the series aimed at Basic coalition setting and unit and client placement
  20. Hey all, I have been asked by a few people now how to set up a SRS server for use with friends so I decided to make a video on it!
  21. same issue, still cant find a reliable fix.
  22. I seem to be suffering with the same double vision issue, sadly I cannot seem to fix it, never had it before! and only seems to be in multiplayer.
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