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  1. My sentiments exactly. Glad to hear good words from south of the border. Cheers
  2. https://hq4dcs.com/ I found this tool handy for making a basic mission outside of DCS. Then I use the mission editor while DCS is running and edit to suit my liking. I know its not quite what you had in mind but a very handy tool for making a basic mission with some of the basics already done.
  3. ElementLT, new to Multiplayer and enjoying your server very much. Lots of extra features not found elsewhere. TYVM. Cheers.
  4. Plus all the user made Missions and Campaigns https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/index.php?set_filter=Y&arrFilter_pf%5Bfiletype%5D=1&arrFilter_pf%5Bgameversion%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Bfilelang%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Baircraft%5D=535&arrFilter_DATE_CREATE_1_DAYS_TO_BACK=182&CREATED_BY=&sort_by_order=TIMESTAMP_X_DESC&set_filter=Filter
  5. Excellent work. Unbelievable the difference this makes to immersion from any altitude. TYVM for sharing your work. Cheers
  6. Thanks for sharing. Enjoying A10-C training with your Watchtower mission. Cheers
  7. Try waiting till your wing-man calls out the threats, then he should engage provided he has suitable weapons.
  8. I have the same problems with space bar in Tutorials (A10C). Using trigger button on my Joystick seems to work most of the time. But not always.
  9. Great Video and nice flight demonstration. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I am given the option in module manager to download and install the Persian Gulf Map. Unfortunately it goes through the motions then quits. autoupdate_log.txt
  11. Thanks for the tip. Way easier than the way I Knew how. Cheers
  12. Excellent Campaign. Thank-you very much for taking the time to share your creations. Enjoying it very much. Cheers
  13. This is a fix for the abriss to display in English. You will have to redo when you do updates. Good Luck
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. I did a clean-up and repair for the second time and what ever was giving DCS a headache has disappeared. Both birds are now flyable without CTD. The only mod I had was english cockpit mod for SU27 & SU33. Cheers
  15. More log files to view for game crash when trying to fly SU27 & Su33. Just started after last hot fix. Thanks dcs.log-20180316-140341.zip dcs.log-20180316-034410.zip dcs.log-20180316-022247.zip
  16. Checked it out and like the new sound. Seems to be a good balance. Thanks for all goodies you have done for the Black Shark. My favorite module. Cheers.
  17. Most excellent Mod. Thank-you very much. This little bird has dramatically improved my learning curve for flying Rotary Winged aircraft. I can actually land the Huey now without leaving a scorch mark on the ground. I plan on spending lots of time in this Bell 47 Beauty. Its not overwhelming for a Newbie and has lots of features without being too complex. A virtual Beer to the Creator for a well done Model. Cheers
  18. Very entertaining and very versatile mission design. Something in there for everyone. Well me anyways. Up to your usual standards Apache600. Thanks for the fine mission. Cheers
  19. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160053 Check out this great Utility. Cheers
  20. Thanks for this great utility. Easy to use and well laid out. Cheers
  21. Excellent mod. Thanks for sharing with the community... Cheers
  22. +1 ...Variety is the spice of life. Good Idea! Cheers
  23. Great work by you and your team. Thanks for sharing this ship. It will look great right up to the moment I try to drop a bomb, or lay a rocket on it. It will be a great addition to my fleet of ships. Cheers
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