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  1. hello during the mission 'A Patrol Near the Border' bet wp3 and 4 i got instructed to check the outpost , and its all covered with clouds there is no way to see it with TGP or getting low. even when the wingman comments on the DAM ,its all covered with clouds , dont think its the way it meant to be
  2. Yes i do fly the f14 but it crashes with the f18 too
  3. thanks i just updated steam VR to beta 1.18.3 and will check, can i uninstall Windows Mixed Reality for Steam?
  4. cant find a command for AIRIO to set target normal/small/large ,am i missing something?
  5. i run G2 headset , i never had steam VR crash before latest update , now i get it randomly sometimes after 2hrs mission ,is it a known bug or its only happening to me? i tried to reinstall Steam vr but no luck
  6. Hi i find the trimming is exaggerated in the a10c2(i.e one trim click on the joystick reflect too much pitch up/dn or roll rt/lt) , that its a pain to keep the ac steady , have not found this problem with any other module in dcs!!!
  7. hello excellent plugin thanks , contacting the carrier i got case 3 instructions and its not saved on the ATC tab . am on latest open beta anybody else has same issue?
  8. Sounds logic too, also maybe cause of the target changing going cold after u fore the missle or something, dont know should i file a bug report?!
  9. Hello Is there a way to let dcs (f18c) read the throttle base switches positions as 2 positions (Like the a10c)instead of ON/OFF only ? Thanks
  10. Hello Have a couple of questions please 1-Sometimes i get a ‘lost’ message on the right bottom of the hud after i fire a missile even if am locking the target Does that mean he is out of range and so the missile is not tracking the target?! 2-what does dashed diamond on the hud mean when locking a target?! Thanks
  11. unfortunately i tried viacom before and was too complicated to setup and every ED update it gets screwed somehow ,ill try rookie's method thanks for all your inputs
  12. hello am using voice attack and want to remove the pilot voice over when i issue a command to the wingman or talking to atc...etc. (i.e just want to her the reply) is there a way to do that in dcs 2.5.6? thanks
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