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  1. Hello, I am doing the first mission and am getting jammed up when there is no TACAN signal, do I just go to the heading my wing tells me? What I typically try to do, is almost hit the TACAN line at a perpendicular angle, then turn into the heading, unless the heading and line are close, then I try to split between the two, so when I do hit the waypoint, they both have merged. Also I am having an issue where some dials freeze in place, such as my speed (started working when I put flaps to auto), and my altitude... Is this a current bug? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. That worked! Thanks for the fast response.
  3. Hello, I am on mission 2, and for the life of me, I cannot re-connect with other flight after I fly over the TACAN point. I dial the TACAN correctly, and when I fly over it, it triggers the head 18 for 20, but when I position the plane to 180, I just fly straight out over the ocean, never to connect with the lead flight... I must be doing something wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Justin, and Jack, I have an application in with them right now!
  5. I am in the North American Central Time Zone (CT), and I can fly most nights after 6pm. I am also open most of the day on Thursdays and weekends.
  6. Thank you for the replies. Apache600 - What I am looking for is stepping up my skills in any and all categories. I have been casually playing fight sims since the mid-1990's, however nothing as complex or formal as DCS. I can startup, take off, and land the A-10C with some reliability, however I am still learning the nav, communication, and weapon systems. I picked up the albatross, in the hopes of getting a better handle on threat avoidance, general flying skills, formation flying, maneuvers, navigation, combat theory, ect. I also own these modules along with the Albatross and A10C : Nevada Huey Mi-8 Mig-21 Bf-109 FW-190 I haven’t spent very much time in any of the other modules, because I have been focusing on learning the A10C before moving on to a different platform.
  7. Hello, I have been flying the a10c for about a month or so, working through Maple's Qualification Missions. I am looking to step up by flight skills, so I picked up the Albatros in the hopes of finding an instructor who is willing to help develop my flight skills. I am located in the States, and fly mostly at nights, I have TrackIR, and TM Warthog Hotas. Thanks in advance!
  8. Where are you going to order your buttkicker from? The website has said they have been out of stock for months now. I am asking because I would love to get my hands on one too.
  9. Hello, My friend and i just purchased a10c, and have gone through all the training missions, and just started with the flight qualification missions. We are looking for a fun, mature group to learn under, in hopes to someday be a providing source of pilots for your cause. I also own the bf109 and Dora Andy my buddy owns a p51. One can only watch so many excellent youtube videos until you need them to be a bit more interactive. If anyone is looking to grab two, mature, smart pilots up, we would be very grateful. Please PM or respond to this message. We are located in the Us central time zone. Thanks!
  10. Hello I just recently purchased and set up a Obutto R3Volution. I am running 1 ultra wide monitor on in TR, and headphones exclusive. It has the warthog specific mounts, the warthog hotas and combat paddles and the 2 table extensions. I am looking for more ideas on how to trick it out. Besides some well though out cable management and a mounted blue snowball mic, I am pretty much lacking options. MFCDS would be awesome, however i would have no idea where to mount them, I would also I would love a butt kicker, however they seem to be out of stock. Any and all other ideas on how to add to immersion and pimp this desk out would be great appreciated. I also have a Rift, however the resolution is just not there for me yet. plan to use the desk for gaming, from keyboard mouse, joystick flight sims, all the way to star citizen when it drops. Thanks in advance!
  11. You can hit the escape key, and look up what they are talking about. There is also a great interactive mission in that dlc you can do, that will help teach you all the critical instruments for start up
  12. I have a Dell 34 inch? or 32? cant recall exact dimensions, ultra wide, which is amazing for this game...well most games in general, I would save up. Monitors are things that are the visual portal into your system, never once do I think people say "why did I spend so much on this monitor..." At least I haven't with this one.
  13. HaHa, yeah, I was looking at the gps in my truck like it was a MFCD, then looking around thinking how simple this truck was to drive.
  14. Hi, I don't mean to spam the forum with Traffic Pattern issues, however I am having an issue where they tell me to get an inbound from ATC, and I start heading on that bearing in pattern altitidue FOREVER, without ever being told to move off if. Sometimes, if I abort the inbound, then re-request inbound they have me start coming in closer, where they pick me up on visual and then the instructor starts giving direction again, but if I don't do that, I just fly off into the distance. Am I supposed to be doing something? Also, how can I maintain altitude when traveling over hills and mountains? When I fly over the mountains around the airfield the instructor disqualifies me for violating pattern altitude. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
  15. I didn't notice that too much, however what I did notice was how hard it was to read the gauges. Since I am still learning, I had to switch back to TrackIr, even though I loved the depth and immersion with the rift, I was having too hard of a time reading the HUD.
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