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  1. If talking about freeware, there is one still available here but I have no idea if it still works since it's released 2 year ago. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2132690/ Android simulator may be your solution if your tablet is capble of running one. Get CDU display in a viewport is possible, but require some changes to some lua files. Add these two lines to the buttom of file "DCS\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Scripts\CDU\indicator\CDU_init.lua" dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."ViewportHandling.lua") try_find_assigned_viewport("A10CDU") And in the monitor setup file you are using under "DCS\Config\MonitorSetup", add something like this to the buttom of the file, and you need to recalculate the screen coordinate you want the CDU to be: A10CDU = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 500; height = 500; } and don't forget to change the resolution of DCS to make it extend to the second monitor if you want the CDU to be on it.
  2. A thought just crossed my mind and I'm not so sure if anyone talks about it before. The existed implementation of HMD is to binds the display to the camera, and players may use some head tracking devices to move the camera and the HMD display. I know this works pretty good for most people with single monitor setup or VR, but it's actually not so good with sround display or angled multi-monitor setup, since there might already be multiple angle projections on different monitors already, and all I want to do is just move the overlay of the HMD without moving the camera. So, ideally it would be great to have a toggle that would switch between something like camera axis control camera, or just the HMD overlay.
  3. if you are talking about the server for the app on mobile platforms, i can tell you it does almost exactly the same thing as helios does, with the only differences that helios runs on the computer that your dcs is running, and it captures your computer screen and send to your mobile device, while helios use the viewports display directly by overlayying the UI. I assume you asked this question because you are not familiar with the architecture of this app and the dcs scripts behind it, and i can tell you there is no compatibility problem at all
  4. Great, I was planning to make a separate post to talk about this thing since ED didn't fix this in today's update, and you saved my time.:thumbup:
  5. MDI viewports Hi, there might be some reason the team didn't make the viewports ready, but I've done some research and it seems it's almost ready with some finishing touches. At the moment, if viewports for LEFT_MFCD and RIGHT_MFCD are defined, the "try_find_assigned_viewport" function will throw a undefined error due to "render_purpose" in "devices_defs.lua" is not loaded yet, which can be easily fixed by moving the "dofile" of "MDI_init.lua" before the call of "try_find_assigned_viewport" since "devices_defs.lua" is already loaded in "MDI_init.lua". But there is another error I don't know how I should fix, and appears to be the reason why the lines and fonts of MDIs on viewports are very thin 2018-06-14 03:31:26.805 ERROR COCKPITBASE: ceSLineFont: unable to read fuzziness parameter 2018-06-14 03:31:29.303 INFO COCKPITBASE: lua state still active MACROS, 56 (status undefined) I don't know if this problem will be fixed soon, but if not, can anyone point me a direction if it's a small issue and possible to be fixed by someone other than the DevsTeam
  6. Files under "Mods" are supposed overwrite existed in main folder, "User\Saved Games" is for export script and related files.
  7. Add the following section to "RWR_ALR67_init.lua" somewhere around the "shaderLine" section, and definitely after the "dofile" at the top, then ALR-67 will look for "RWR" viewport purposes = {render_purpose.GENERAL, render_purpose.SCREENSPACE_OUTSIDE_COCKPIT, render_purpose.SCREENSPACE_INSIDE_COCKPIT} dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."ViewportHandling.lua") update_screenspace_diplacement(1, false, 0) try_find_assigned_viewport("RWR")
  8. Anywhere that it's scope is visible to the viewports want to reference these. If you are not familiar with the concept of scope for programming, basically this means: put this anywhere not inside braces and before the viewport definitions that want to use these constants.
  9. What you want is 1920,0 for main monitor. The top left corner of any screen (physical or programmatic) is always 0,0 as convention, and the coordinate goes from 0 to width-1, which is why you want the monitor on the right to start with 1920 instead of 1921 to prevent pixel column width of 1 gap in between. What you could do to make your life easier is to put some constants saying, for example, M1_WIDTH=1920; M1_HEIGHT=1080; M2_WIDTH=1920; M2_HEIGHT=1080; so you won't easily mess up in calculations and stuff.
  10. There is one temporary fix for this problem IF you are not overlaying the viewports. Change "shaderLineDrawAsWire" to "true" in "MDI_init.lua", which would make the viewports exported looks better when having a black background but not so much if overlaying. This would also mess a bit on the original display (fonts become thinner), but you wont be looking at them once you got the exported display right? Use this at your own preference.
  11. AMPCD_init.lua dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."devices_defs.lua") dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/Common/indicator/MDG_materials.lua") opacity_sensitive_materials = { MDG_font_name(MDG_SELF_IDS.HI), MDG_material_name(MDG_SELF_IDS.HI) } -- Parameters handling functions dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/Common/indicator/InitParams.lua") indicator_type = indicator_types.COMMON purposes = {render_purpose.GENERAL, render_purpose.SCREENSPACE_OUTSIDE_COCKPIT, render_purpose.SCREENSPACE_INSIDE_COCKPIT} -- set purposes to draw it always shaderLineParamsUpdatable = true shaderLineDefaultThickness = 0.8 shaderLineDefaultFuzziness = 0.5 shaderLineDrawAsWire = false shaderLineUseSpecularPass = true -- Parameters to customize common symbology properties writeParameter("MDG_init_specifics", LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/AMPCD/indicator/AMPCD_specifics.lua") writeParameter("MDG_init_DEFAULT_LEVEL", 8) -- page specific for the indicator, implements indicator border/FOV BasePage = LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/Common/indicator/Pages/MPD/MPD_base.lua" -- Cautions/Advisories and MENU label IndicatorSpecificPage = LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/Common/indicator/Pages/MPD/CautAdvAndMenuPage.lua" dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/Common/indicator/Pages/MPD/MPD_AdvisoriesDefs.lua") dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/Common/indicator/Common_init.lua") dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."ViewportHandling.lua") update_screenspace_diplacement(1, false, 0) try_find_assigned_viewport("AMPCD") Then create viewport named "AMPCD" in your monitor setup There is one temporary fix for this problem IF you are not overlaying the viewports. Change "shaderLineDrawAsWire" to "true" in "MDI_init.lua", which would make the viewports exported looks better when having a black background but not so much if overlaying. This would also mess a bit on the original display (fonts become thinner), but you wont be looking at them once you got the exported display right? This change can also been apply to RWR and AMPCD. Use this at your own preference.
  12. See my reply here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3528626
  13. My progress so far, following is the version I edited for MDI_right_init.lua You just need to do the same change to MDI_left_init.lua -- Left/Right MDIs have specific symbology clipping levels, thus there are separate left/right init files dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/Common/indicator/MDG_materials.lua") -- Common part of MDI initialization dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/MDI_IP1556A/indicator/MDI_init.lua") opacity_sensitive_materials = { MDG_font_name(MDG_SELF_IDS.RMDI), MDG_material_name(MDG_SELF_IDS.RMDI) } -- Specific part of MDI initialization dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."ViewportHandling.lua") -- Parameters handling functions dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/Common/indicator/InitParams.lua") writeParameter("MDG_init_DEFAULT_LEVEL", 6) update_screenspace_diplacement(1, false, 0) try_find_assigned_viewport("RIGHT_MFCD") -- Parameters to customize common symbology properties writeParameter("MDG_init_specifics", LockOn_Options.script_path.."Multipurpose_Display_Group/MDI_IP1556A/indicator/MDI_right_specifics.lua")
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