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  1. Is pre order on BS2 to BS3 upgrade possible now? Logged in on Store side but couldnt find it.
  2. Theres a "George AI auto handover" option under Options-Special. Not sure if thats new or just what happened by default before. Georges IFF ability is now adjustable under Additioal Properties tab in ME. i'm pretty new to hopping in CP/G seat and instructing George to fly so I dont know how much has changed from day one.
  3. 1 Swithch seats to cp/g 2 Request Aircraft Control to hand over control to pilot 3 bring up George interface
  4. On right console comms panel you can adjust Master Volume Control to lower it.
  5. I was having this issue as well, after update, with shooting way low/short with gun and rockets although I dont use VR. I had also noticed that my reticule now seemed larger than the ball when bore sighting and like Strongarm mentioned seat height or view seemed off. I deleted my snapviews for AH-64D and now the reticle is back to the right size and weapons accuracy is much better.
  6. You should see a pop up window showing modules available to install in module manager. Is your install stand alone and AH64 purchased here as standalone? Is your install up to date?
  7. Maybe the ability to choose how big or small George's search area is could help. I had directed George to search an oil refinery where I knew there were 2 apc's. Search indicated 2 apc's so I chose one but he then fired on friendly apc's approaching refinery off to the left. The 2 enemies were probably masked behind buildings but I had no way to know that.
  8. Have you tried deleting metashaders and FXO folders in Saved Games DCS folder? Also try renaming or moving your Saved Games DCS folder so it builds a new one when you start up.
  9. Your SSD upgrade also becomes a RAM upgrade since you can use storage space to increase page file size.
  10. You make it a modifier or switch. On control screen theres a tab to create modifier. Modifier can be added to any control bind. You just hold that down and press input. A switch gives your controls ( all of them) a new layer. It will switch back and forth between layers.
  11. Have you went through control layout to clear double binds? By default everything gets mapped to stick and throttle. On control screen where it says "all" click on that and go to axis assign and see if stuff is bound twice. Under Options make sure game mode and game avionics aren't checked since that will use game controls instead of sim layout.
  12. Theres the autumn sale going on right now so I dont think you can stack the new user discount on top of that.
  13. Click the icon that looks like a tank (next to clock) to show units.
  14. Instead of adding countries you can also just delete that section to make them universal . Then Save.
  15. Long load times and stuttering could be shader issues. Try deleting Metashaders 2 and FXO folders from Saved Games / DCS folder. Also screenshot of Settings could help. There are several things that tank performance like shadow settings , MSAA higher than 2x, anf preload radius.
  16. There is an auto-hover switch in AP but I figured unless you're fluent in Russian you wouldn't have stumbled upon that.
  17. Welcome to the Forum and fun with control binds in DCS!
  18. OK. I know what it is. Go to Options / Special MI24 and uncheck Control Helper
  19. Is this in a training mission? Sometimes by default they use "Game" settings instead of Sim. Also check under Options / Gameplay that you dont have Game Flight or Game Avionics checked.
  20. On controls screen where you see the word "ALL" click on that to open drop down menu. Go to Axis Commands and there you'll see pitch, roll, rudder are bound to to your stick and throttle and whatever else you have plugged into your computer.
  21. Dont know if its just a CH Products thing but I also had to recalibrate my stick and throttle to get it working good.
  22. You need to delete the MI24P folder from Saved Games / DCS / Config and redo all your controls. Controls are now MI24P_pilot. As per usual everything is now bound to both stick and throttle by default.
  23. Pilot Commander Left Side APU Start Engines panel- All 3 reversed, Radio/ICS switch-reversed Front. Weapon Panel- Range Insert should be (auto/manual), MG Burst should be (short/long/med), MG Rate should be(fast/slow) or (inc/dec) Drift Angle Gauge- DISS Mode switch reversed HUD Controls Sight Mode switch reversed Front lower Right Dim Transformer Switch-reversed Right Side Ice Protection Panel- Anti Ice and Windshield Anti Ice reversed Pilot Operator Left Side ICS / Radio switch reversed, Windshield Anti Ice reversed Front. Weapon Panel- MG Burst should be (short/long/med), MG Rate should be(fast/slow) or (inc/dec)
  24. Hi. Welcome to the forum. The 50% discount is the summer sale. Not sure what you mean by new player discount. The other type of discount is Pre-Release / Early Access and is usually 20%-30% off. You do get points for making purchases which then can be added to a future purchase, even on sale. That's the only way to stack savings on modules. There is a "free to play" period going on as well to try out modules before purchase. EDIT: I do see "new player discount" mentioned in another thread. Wasn't aware of it and don't know if it would be combined with a sale price. My guess would be no. it would just allow a new player to get a discount without having to wait for a sale.
  25. According to in game encyclopedia 9m114s are 40 kg apiece (80 kg=177 lb) and empty rack is 29 lb. So that's 206 lb plus unknown weight of launch tubes. When you load a set on one pylon it shows 507 lb. Doesn't seem like they should weigh as much as an S5 rocket pod.
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