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  1. cthulhu68's post in George as pilot not obeying was marked as the answer   
    1 Swithch seats to cp/g
    2 Request Aircraft Control to hand over control to pilot
    3 bring up George interface
  2. cthulhu68's post in Hypersensitive Controls? was marked as the answer   
    Have you went through control layout to clear double binds? By default everything gets mapped to stick and throttle. On control screen where it says "all" click on that and go to axis assign and see if stuff is bound twice.  Under Options make sure game mode and game avionics aren't checked since that will use game controls instead of sim layout.
  3. cthulhu68's post in Update 2.7.4 stick trouble? was marked as the answer   
    OK. I know what it is. Go to Options / Special MI24 and uncheck Control Helper
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