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  1. Have looked back and searched the forums, but can't find enough info to make my mind up...! TM TFRP Pedals vs Logitech G Saitek Pro Pedals Any clear winner between the two? TiA.. FP
  2. If I may say so, there is precedent. Those of us who are old enough and ugly enough to have been involved in the first iterations of stable multiplayer PvP in Flanker 1.x will be able to recall PapaDoc's Pink Flamingo. One of the very first alternative skins for the Su-27 was indeed, bright pink ! What's more, was that very few could beat that pink bird.... (Sorry, being a Brit I have to get a double entendre in there somewhere...ooer Missus, nudge nudge wink wink, know what I mean?) :D Pierre LeGrand, where are you now?!
  3. Wags, Many thanks for the update. Having been in and out of ED's Sims from the very beginning with Flanker 1.0, (Who else here was part of Adamski's original Flanker Ladder? :D ) it has been encouraging to see how the original vision has persisted and continues to broaden in outlook. Great stuff.. :thumbup: FP
  4. I'm definitely not an expert, and certainly no ace with only a civil Air Transport background (737/747/A320), But about 15 yrs ago I was lucky enough to get a tour around the MC training facilities at Miramar and got to have a go in one of the real F-18 sims for 15mins. (Fixed base in a hemispheric dome, and surprisingly a way more immersive sense of motion than the 'box on jacks' we use for airliners). The FPV/FPW/Bird whatever you want to call it definitely makes it easier. Somehow I managed a successful trap on my first attempt although it was with no x-wind and a stable deck. That said, as realistic as you make it, the Sim is still the Sim, and it's easier sometimes than in real life without the consequences of screwing it up.
  5. I have this too...though it only seems to happen in 1.5 Multiplayer, both stable and openbeta versions. 2.1.1 seems okay in both standalone and MP with just a cursory test...
  6. Hello.... Don't really have time for PC sims anymore, but found this thread whilst reminiscing.... If you read this, special greetings to Willem, Jeroen, PapaDoc, Taurion and Shepski... I know Mark (Shepski) also went on to a career in aviation - hope it's still going well. I did too - 737/747 and now Airbus. Keep the blue side up.... FP
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