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  1. Are you running the gun in fixed mode here? Isn't the gun locket at 1,575 meters while in fixed mode? Should it not be in normal mode for this kind of an attack?
  2. I just love the Apache. Her handling is very intuitive and the already integrated systems give you a ton of tactical choices and situational awareness. I had high hopes, but I was actually very positively surprised. Really well done, ED & SMEs.
  3. That really depends on the mission. I just flew a long mission with a lot of infantry (+manpads) and trucks hiding in forests. I would have readily traded my Hellfires for a good salvo of rockets from a high trajectory. We're just too used to mission builders stacking tanks over tanks in shoot-em-up-columns, I guess.
  4. It happens when you pull the collective too hard and too fast and, of course, if the throttle-level of your engines is too low. (check left console) Did not try CPG with George as pilot, yet. In general: Commands in the inner circle are accessed by a short press, commands in the outer circle are activated via long press. Maybe that will make a change.
  5. I was told that was a feature of Supercarrier, not connected to a specific airframe. I did not verify this in the F18 though.
  6. Was this a daylight operation? If not: What I repeatedly see in MP is players not being hooked up, because they have all their external lights on in the night/dusk/dawn. Carrier launch/deck operation is lowlight environment. Yes, I found out the hard way.
  7. I doubt the installer makes a difference between hdd, ssd or nvme. It was rather telling you, it moved the downloaded files from the temp-folder to your installation folder. And it used an term from back in the day, when a hdd was the most common.
  8. You are correct. I already wondered about that difference as well.
  9. Oh yes, good old times! I actually started simming on an Amstrad CPC464 with FighterPilot by Digital Integration back in 1984.
  10. Surely not the full, but what we've seen so far looks like quite fun and complex to me. In any case. I've waited 25 Years since Janes Longbow. So I am pretty confident whatever comes our way early 2022 won't disappoint me.
  11. Actually, I'm perfectly fine with the delay. Yes, a few more weeks of waiting, but it will be totally worth it, looking at the complexity of this bird.
  12. Wow, that update is very impressive. Love it!
  13. That shadow snowplow-effekt is bugging me for months now. GTX 1080 here, but if you watch twitch and yt-videos especiallly during low flights or close formation flying, you can easily spot and reproduce this effect with any available setting, graphics card and resolution. It annoyed me so much, i switched ground shadows off completely. If I could just do it for all object shadows.
  14. Another great video, Barundus! Many thanks for such a detailed insight. And just don't worry about your clock in Part 2 Just keep going
  15. This happens to me all the time, no matter if I move before or not. It sometimes takes up to 20 seconds to bring up the menu, while the sim is completely frozen. If it takes that long, it also takes as long to select a station and ordinance. Not as long, but a notable 1 second pause. Happens to me on all aircraft, though. I just recently did a complete cleanup and verify.
  16. No you were correct. Heared it too. I just skipped through the interview: About Minute 43 and thereafter on upcoming modules. He said the Mossie was still planned for release before Christmas. The Hind P is then currently planned to 2021 Q1. Wouldn't surprise me, if it is even further away, from the way he put it.
  17. I can only speak for myself, but for me it doesn't have to be the next deep dive guide. Just taking the KW out for a ride and showing off while giving us some insights on how to fly the bird would make the waiting quite a bit shorter :music_whistling:
  18. That would be awesome. End of 2020 is probably more realistic I guess... Plenty of time for barundus to make more of his great videos :music_whistling: BTW, any ETA for the next one? :D
  19. I love how many personal experiences are going into this module. Really looking forward to it.
  20. I hope it is not too far off. It really looks fantastic. It also looks pretty finished. Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking :huh:
  21. Sooo, time to start: are we there, yet? :music_whistling:
  22. Actually these are not neccessarily errors... but yeah, if thats your explanation I can go with it.
  23. If your stick has a loose center or bad calibration, a deadzone will make your life a lot easier.
  24. The F16 opens up the way to A2A, which none of the other modules at choice do. I'd also generalize to say, dogfighting is probably the most complete feature of the module so far. And yes, compared to almost any other module it is very much fly by wire. Your other choices are more or less limited to groundattack. For this role I still love to fly the A-10C and probably the most complete from avionics to physics and appearance with the new pit. The AV8B probably offers you the better overall challenge, though. It is a decent ground-pounder and really a handful to fly and land. The AV8B feels so much more nimble and fun to fly and it also gives you a wider mission-spectrum on the long run. You can even land on FARPs and do some SEAD.
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