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  1. Well lucky me, seems like the model may have corrupted...
  2. Well guys, progress is being made, not that I know if you guys still have any interest in it. I was trying to figure out how the fuselage connects to the rear around the engine exhausts and found out it slants down at an angle, so I am making that portion and running it through the bottom of the plane.
  3. A long time ago I learned a small amount of blender, not that I had remembered anything I learned because it was more then 2 years ago, but I just go into the software and just make things. As I said this is only my second time modeling in the software so I really didn't expect it to be as good as you said it is, but I guess it's coming along nicely.
  4. Well that's surprising seeing this is the 2nd real thing I've ever modeled, 1st that I have a reason to finish. Thanks for that.
  5. Sorry this isn't the most progress, but I have made at least some on the engines. Once I finish the intake I am going to do the bottom of the fuselage. http://i.imgur.com/ZKnD9MB.jpg
  6. Well I am back guys, Sorry I hadn't updated in a few days because I took some time to stop and think about how I'd continue to do some of the more tricky parts, and I think I figured out some of them, including the engine intake and exhaust. Just have to connect it from the top, the bottom, and in between and then connect it to the cockpit to get a big portion of the fuselage done. A picture will come out when I manage to get this portion at least semi-completed.
  7. I applied a mirror modifier to allow you to see what it looks like better. http://i.imgur.com/I6mrz1c.jpg
  8. Modeled the wing and remade the cabin and back, I replaced the cabin vertices with a half circle and scaled it to the right size to make it more true and round. http://i.imgur.com/fHUV2nB.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VzijGpS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/G80TIBi.jpg I didn't keep the ailerons on the wings so that they could be added in later and made flexible instead of being a rigid mesh.
  9. As I said earlier, I'm coming to a stand still trying to figure out how to model certain parts, not working out too well.
  10. Hopefully there is a workaround, I don't know how to use 3DS max, nor would I like to restart this project.
  11. Shouldn't you be able to get a plugin for blender to export to 3ds, open it in 3ds max, and then convert to EDM?
  12. Nearly 1000 views, that's impressive. Great to raise awareness of the project to get potential contributors.
  13. If you know how to texture that'd be lovely, even if only simple textures, something besides a grey color pallet is nice.
  14. Yes that's correct, thanks as well. I need to round out the radar tail and the cabin to a better circle, so I am reworking all of that so it might be delayed until wings are done.
  15. I forgot to mention as well, this is gonna be the general model, no high/low poly. I will be detailing the windows, machine gun mantle, air refueling pod, etc. later.
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