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  1. Turn them on only when ready for the cat shot, at night that is the signal instead of a salute.
  2. If you are launching at night, turn your external lights master switch on.
  3. Your missile is well outside the fifty feet required for the proximity fuse.
  4. I would also add that once you get to know the airspeed indicator, a quick glance at the position of the needle will tell you what you need to know.
  5. I find that sometimes I start tensing up and trying to squeeze the black out of the stick. When that happens it makes my inputs jerky and excessive, I find that wiggling my toes helps with keeping that from happening.
  6. What time period are you looking to do? I have a large collection of photos of VF-142 and am slowly working my way through painting their last cruise. I'm happy to share any reference images if you want.
  7. I know it is a really minor thing that has been mentioned as likely not happening (and that is fine) but I would really like to be able to remove the fuel tank pylons, I love the look of a completely clean tomcat.
  8. Get rid of the folder you have that is just F14 and keep the rest of the path the same. So: Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Liveries/F-14A-135-GR
  9. Yes, the forrestal was added back in October and in 2.7.x
  10. I am fairly certain that is due to the missiles while under thrust exceed terminal velocity, once the motor burns out they slow down due to drag. I have not checked but if you drop bombs from a very high speed they will slow down to terminal velocity as well.
  11. Around 93 million miles or one AU isn't it?
  12. Yes most vr gamers and non vr gamers want the pilot body, but that is not what your argument was, you said they could no longer play without the body I think in this whole thread (And I have not re read the whole thing today) there has been all of two people (I'm including you in that number, correct me if I am mistaken) who have said something to the effect of they won't fly without the pilot body.
  13. I know quite a number of the people I fly with use VR (myself included) not one of us cannot play without the pilot body a couple even prefer it off. I think 95% is a gross exaggeration.
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