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  1. @tobiyou get 10/10 from me, keep up your excellent job!
  2. Did not see that I had gotten answers here, must have missed the notification. One of them is this tow-truck with GPU. Did the truck using this model (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/54042e1f-ad88-4e51-aa35-97f46ede5a49/VOLVO-F86) as base and then did the rest including the GPU myself. Its just a static with no lights so I cant imagine it being code impact related. Its dead basicly so to say. It does not have a damagemodel either. Its got LODs from 320 000 triangles down to 56, I know 320 000 is high but there are other high poly models also that I get the impression has better performance. But I dont know, its just a feeling that these mods of mine affects fps more than others, though lately I think it has gotten a bit better with recent updates of DCS. Just thought I missed something fundamental about how to get them optimized, like dont use to many materials or something. Im running VR in a Rift S by the way.
  3. Figured it out, I needed to add a dummy weapon, it needs a weapon.
  4. Hello! Im working on a ship mod and cant get the radar emitting so that it shows up on the RWR in the Hornet. I want it to be able to be picked up on RWRs in the aircrafts as U (Unknown) at least. I have tried setting it up exactly the same as in some mods I have made by others, but I cant get it to work in mine. My radar rotates on the model as it should but it does not emit any signal. Am I missing something easy? Like do the radar need to have a special argument number or do I need at special Armature in the EDM-file or something? I have tried to use the Sea Giraffe radar code from the HMS Visby Mod as a dummy to test but I cant get it to work. That code works fine in that mod.
  5. I need some help here, the spolight option for lights, does the alfa value mean the opening angle vertically and the teta the angle in plan? And are the values supposed to be entered in degrees like 180 if you want it to shine like a half circle? Im asking because its vard to see I think, the light seems much less bright with spotlight checked regardless of brightness setting. What does distance mean by the way, I thought it meant for hoe many miles it was visible but that seems not to be the case.
  6. A bit late and Im no expert, but two sides means that the computer has to render two times the amount of triangles as I understand it. So for performance its best to put some time on managing the normals instead.
  7. I dont have any 4k textures, I only have 2k for two of the materials and the rest 1k or even 0,5k.
  8. Hello I have made some mods that I think seem to affect performance more than it should, I have polygon counts that dont exceed the polygon counts of EDs models. I have LODs also. So Im thinking that it could be that I have too many materials in the model. I have 10. What is a normal number of materials? With regards to performance that is
  9. Perfect! I have been looking for practice sea targets. It would be awesome if you could do one suited for antiship missiles, like the one in this video. I wish i could do one myself but I havent learned to do sea objects, i can only do static land targets so far.
  10. I usually get the menu to show up by saying "options". However my problem then is that if it does it. keeps on showing upp everytime i make any radio call.
  11. I would think the reason is that Heatblur simply has not developed the in-cockpit pilot yet. I cant think that they wont since they have one in the Viggen. If you need to flick a switch that is obscured by the body you can just turn it off with a keybind. I have a USB pedal for it because I really want it on as much as possible in VR.
  12. I tried this, and I think it works! Ran the test mission 6 times and got the only detected blue aircraft shot down with a SAM everytime without getting the script error message. Since it used to occur randomly I cant be 100% sure that it works but 6 tests with no errors was unusual before, will test more, thank you! this script is a gamechanger!
  13. I think its something with when the only detected blue unit is destroyed when the script is running then the n value becomes blank (nil) and then the script crashes. I dont know how to prevent that, any ideas?
  14. Im using a script for setting a flag when a EWR radar detects a blue unit in a zone. This is the script that is used as a lua predicate on a continus trigger: EWR1_RED_Unit = Unit.getByName('EWR_1') if EWR1_RED_Unit ~= nil then EWR1_RED_Ctrl = EWR1_RED_Unit:getGroup():getController() local Targets = EWR1_RED_Ctrl:getDetectedTargets(VISUAL, RADAR) if #Targets > 0 then local InterestingTargets = 0 for n = 1, #Targets do if Targets[n].object:isExist() == true and Targets[n].object:inAir() == true and Targets[n].object:getCoalition() == 2 then InterestingTargets = InterestingTargets + 1 local TargetPosition = Targets[n].object:getPosition() local RedZoneInfo = trigger.misc.getZone('RedEWRzone1') local DistanceToRedZone = math.sqrt(math.pow(TargetPosition.p.x - RedZoneInfo.point.x, 2) + math.pow(TargetPosition.p.y - RedZoneInfo.point.y, 2)) if DistanceToRedZone <= RedZoneInfo.radius then return true end end end end end The problem is that the script sometimes crashes when a blue unit is shot down by a SAM, not every time but sometimes, seemingly randomly. I get the error in the image. What is the reason for the error and can I tweak the script to avoid it? Would be most thankfull for any help
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