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  1. How long before the modules, terrains and updates take to get from open beta to stable version of DCS? Does the F-18 have to be feature complete to move to Stable same goes for the PG map?
  2. Does CH Products work with Windows 10 and the new update? I heard the control manager does not work correctly but you can still use the plug and play drivers. and calibrate through windows. I want to make sure
  3. Do you move your my documents, my pictures and so on off the ssd? I have 1 1TB ssd for DCS and 1 1TB for steam
  4. With 1TB SSD do i have to move my docs, my pictures, my videos off the SSD? I don't really save that much to those folders My documents will have some game stuff only
  5. Just got the New X56 and i must say definitely feels a lot better! Thanks for listening to feedback. Now i just got to build pc
  6. i was just talking in general but thanks for the help
  7. Release Question I know that Once the F/A-18C releases it releases to open beta and once it is ok with no major problems how long does it take to get to the stable version on 2.5
  8. The New Logitech X56 can you use those 2 axis controls they added for say a forward, Back, up and down movement like say Trim Up, Trim Down, Trim Right and Trim left or its only for axis movement
  9. What else sucks is how OCD you can get with cable management under the desk and when setting up everything to make it best for not just flight sim but for everything else
  10. Thanks it took a while and wanted to put all my games on separate SSD because 1 of my neatness OCD and because then its easier to find stuff and everything.
  11. Finally started my build.. Currently doing all my monitor wiring and everything under my desk..Build Info below Fractal Design Define R6 (Gunmetal Grey) Intel Core i7 8700K (AIO Fractal Design Celsius S24) Asus Maximus X Code Corsair Vengeance LXP 16GB DDR4 (Will update to 32 down the road) Asus Strix GTX 1080 Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 750Watt OS Drive: 500GB Crucial MX500 Storage: WD Black 2TB DCS World: 1TB Crucial MX500 Steam: 1TB Crucial MX500 (I get a nice discount on Crucial Stuff) X-Plane: 1TB Crucial MX500
  12. Will just install Stable Version of 2.5 Also purchase Nevada Normandy and Upcoming SOH
  13. Is 500GB enough for a SSD for 2.5 Stable with all upcoming maps and planes?
  14. Where do you guys get decent sized project boxes for build
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