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  1. the track is broken at the end but here are 2 pics of the landing
  2. Hi, I over G in a pull and broke my 2 wings. I was still able to fly and land the aircraft. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that I shall not be able to control my aircraft anymore without wings. Steps to reproduce: -DCS Open Beta: version ( -Dive fast (speed around the red triangle) and pull hard until the wings break f5nowingsLanding.trk
  3. I had the same issue, I fixed it by disabling the force feedback in the options
  4. Hi, During a formation flight we did, we had a bug that the player was idle and the rpm where locked to 127%. The player accelerated up to 956kts. P.S. can not uplpad the trk file, vr trk file too big for uploading it. the Google drive link for the track: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S0zrxlKaLmPE4YPzQN3U7TLLU9MT5tUX/view?usp=sharing
  5. yes but when i have this bug, even if i move them slowly, it won't go full burner. It will stop at full mil
  6. Hi, I noticed in the 2 last month that sometimes the f5 can't go afterburner. It is not comming from my throttle, I have tried with the + on my keyboard and the throttle was not moving further than full mil. I don't know how to reproduce it but i can give you this track. the bug is around the end manoeuver before landing. ps: sorry for my english f5NoAfterBurner.rar
  7. Hi, First sorry for my english. i recently search somthing on the search bar of the "users files" and the result was not found. BUT the thing that i've searched in the search bar has change in maybe russian or smthing like that. so i write my username -> VPS_Zen and in the searching bar it is write "МЗЫ_Нут". I think it appear only when we search for smthing that does not exists. Have a nice day
  8. hi i need some help my dcs alway crash. i run dcs open beta. my setup: graphics: asus geforce gtx 1060 3gb motherboard: h8-1m plus ram: 16go ddr3 (sorry i do not remember the speed) if u need anithing els let me know
  9. hi all, i don't know if it only happend to me but whenn i start a mission over the black sea in flight, my right wheel is a bit out and the "cover of the wheel" isn't here. whenn i land i have 2 green and the weel won't get out. have good flight and sorry about the grammar.
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