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  1. :helpsmilie: is there any trim command anywhere?
  2. Hello, my DCS won't update from the last version, is there any way to force the update? Last time it asked me for the update and i clicked on "later" now DCS launch itself without any update message, what can i do?
  3. Hello, where is the NWS command in the cockpit? i can't find it. And the controls are translated in french, i can't find the key.
  4. i don't plan to spend any money, i just want my modules to work again on the new 2.5 DCS
  5. i can just fly the Hornet, other modules are dead whitout license because i refuse to bur licences on this bug, please help :helpsmilie:
  6. :helpsmilie: Hello everyone, i come from the 2.5 open beta and i have installed the new 2.5 DCS client but everytime i launch it it demands the activation of my modules. if i quit every opening activation window it launch DCS.
  7. > SITREP #005-19/07/2017 < ▶ Added a video to the playlist (no french speech don't worry) ▶ I'm working on a lot of projects and videos, cooperations with friends and musicians, videos will come soon don't worry, see your on the other side! :pilotfly:
  8. > SITREP #007-19/07/2017 < ▶ Ajout d'une vidéo à la Playlist ▶ D'autres vidéos sont en cours de production, si vous avez des requêtes ou des conseils n'hésitez pas à me contacter.
  9. Maybe we'll have trap wires on ground runways you know? Like in real life with the T-45 Goshawk they do "false" carrier landings with it, i'll be using that first if it is created.
  10. Oh ok, thanks man! :thumbup: Like & share, i'm starting up and waiting for the Hornet but in the meantime i did and do videos in French and English about DCS and reshade :pilotfly: ▶ My channel ▶ And... "sitrep" Thread on this forum I'm a little "noobish" with video montage but it i will improve with time i hope :cry: I fly the Hornet since '96 so i know it well and i'll publish a lot of things about it :joystick:
  11. > SITREP #004-13/07/2017 < Two more videos are online (no french in it, just sound and me trying to do some montage) :megalol: ▶ ▶ AoS Nexus - Red Diffraction Studio
  12. > SITREP #006-13/07/2017 < ▶ Ajout de deux vidéos à la Playlist J'ai également commencé a travailler sur le trailer de ma chaîne et j'ai pu bénéficier d'un conseil de la part de GlowingAmraam ▶ ▶ AoS Nexus - Red Diffraction Studio
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