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  1. On a side note, I am in the USAF Reserves and I work with a guy who used to fly F-16s and F-35s. I asked him which one he liked best and he said for the pure joy of flying the F-16 is more fun. No canopy bow and it handles like a knife in the air in all regimes of flight. No buffeting at slower speeds.
  2. To give response to some valid posts before on another thread, what is the early access time frame (6 months to a year or when we feel like it)? How long does it last? They placed F/A-18 on the live suite not to long ago. I would think that constitutes full implementation, don't you? I bought F/A-18C on 01/13/2018. How much time does it take to come into full fruition? They released a YAK aircraft since then. Come on ED you have not finished models you have released before releasing new models! Jackil, out
  3. Yep, that is what I am going to do. But let me ask you, how long has it been since F/A-18C has been released? We are well past past early release don't you you think? I will have to go back an check my records. I know they have released it on 2.5 version, com'on now. Don't petty fog the issue.
  4. The whole thing is under their banner. I hold them accountable. It would be the same if I had a company under me, "You hold to my standards or your out. You are representing me with your products. Get in line or find someone else." That's called accountability. Being ED wants to proceed with the status quo then they are ultimately responsible. If they don't like that that then drop them! Plain and simple.
  5. ED has got to get past producing what I call a minimum viable product business model. While I enjoy some of the products (aka A-10C great model, been flying it for a few years) others need some more work. I like the F/A-18C but now there are issues that weren't there before ( like radar sweep, is my radar working or not?) Third party developers are more notorious (Razbam when is AV-8B going to be fully functional? I don't buy anything from VEAO anymore) I am not buying another ED/Third Party flight model until F/A-18C is fully functional. It appears to me they got their talent wrapped up in so many projects they can't finish ones they have released. ED focus on products that are online before releasing new ones! Good grief! Bottom line, no F-14 for me until F/A-18C is fully complete. Jackil, out
  6. I just realized that if you turn on the satellite map in the mission editor you can actually see AUAB if you zoom into its location. lol.
  7. What was today's update? I updated the other night a big 11G download. Today's was 6.9G.
  8. The answers to your questions are classified.
  9. Can I request that we get Al Udeid AB, Qatar. I've been deployed there many times. It would complement Al Dhafra AB and make for a nice well rounded Persian Gulf scenario too. Jackil
  10. Agreed. Night vision sucks even with NVGs and FLIR. Night flying under these conditions is useless. Don't bother with night flying until it's corrected. I can't even set cockpit switches on the ramp without positive feedback I set them correctly.
  11. Now with Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen processors MS has blocked updates to those PCs with Windoze 7. I just upgraded my rig to an i7-7700K and had to go to Windoze 10 64. grrrr. But it seems fine and I don't have issues
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