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  1. Woo great it flies but... All color schemes are in Russian, and there is no liveries what so ever. Least you can arm them in the mission spawned. Do you mind if I upload a JSGME ready version? Also, flaps don't work. I guess there's no animation for them? :/ KAB-500kr's work. Just aim very carefully on the center crosshair, the bomb will correct itself to that point.
  2. Your download doesn't exist anymore, why not upload it to a drop box or a different website or are you not able to do that in your region? Really would love to have this mod! :S
  3. Don't forget people who play on 1280x1024monitors with par pixel quality, or at least standard 1280 monitors. Having to zoom in from that god awful "I'm pulling 8 Gs so let I'll just let my seat adsorb my body" FOV is irritating at start. When you fly the Su-25T missions through either campaign or just missions ED made the FOV is way different than what it is through quick mission. Why? That FOV is perfect in the ED missions imo. But yes, if we all got a FOV specific slider for all the aircraft life would be 1000x better. Add a in screen example of the FOV too to test it to your liking in the options menu as well!
  4. If the server has this DLC, wouldn't it be server side? Unless DCS doesn't allow file-patching from servers..? I would imagine the ground crew being usable but if the person went into Tact Cmdr he/she couldn't order that crew to go fix what ever aircraft just landed or requested assistance.
  5. I second this, as long as the fire engines actually do what fire engines do when you have a crash landing I'll join that boat.
  6. Yeah doing something like that would probably trash up threads in your processor just simply handling the sound. Tons of coding and programing would be needed to make a 3D environment to do such a thing, let alone make them play through X amount of speakers. How I see it as a simple start, as you turn your head in the cockpit, the game focuses sound more towards which ever direction you're pointing your head at, and triggering more sound X amount of degrees you turn your head. Though, this already is the case how the sound goes in the game right now. Maybe ED could talk to TurtleBeach or Realtek to look into this. Hey maybe one day dudes with Track IR can lean their head against the wall to hear the wind against the canopy glass more loudly like in real life! But to anyone who doesn't has this mod yet I would totally download it. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=132069 Now imagine the explosions on the said soundscape. :D
  7. Oh boy, let me get a track for this. I'm guessing that gamemode FM bug for it is still happening (forgot I left it on lol) Added track for download (can't run recording software) tempMission.miz.trk
  8. In a sense, to make the sim more immersive, adding the option to change Radio, Effects, Engine noise, etc to be set through different audio devices. For instance, I like to feel the engine through my speaker set, but I also want to hear my radio but it's hard to hear when all you hear is BRRRRRRRRRT when you're "busy". The idea is basically give audio streams through different devices. Realtek can handle multiple devices being streamed once, for example I have a 5 speaker set up, two in the back, sub in front, and two standing desktop ones. I could employ engine noise in the rear speakers, RWR and radio in my headset, weapons/effects in my desktop speakers. I'm sure this was probably mentioned before, so if my epiphany isn't much to add I'll delete the thread.
  9. I thought this was fixed about two patches ago? And after those two patches ago, it started up again... Only way I can counteract this is by either air spawn or runway hot. Even runway hot I get some backwards movement but it's not enough to send me flying backwards at over 100 knots unlike parking cold start... Is there a way to add wheel chocks when spawning from parking or is this the only way to go?
  10. Where exactly do I drop this in at? Mods, CoreMods, FC3?
  11. As far as other errors go for this mission, I opened up the editor and got, Cannot open file for reading delimeter-being.wav Other than that everything looked fine, and I re-designated the Backfire loadouts again. I opened up all the FC3 missions and resaved them too. Looks like that worked. Thanks
  12. I don't know how to feel, this was on the FC3 Mission Close Down Kopitnari. It's like their bomb bay is off. Course that's an understatement...
  13. Hey are you able to upload your mod to mediafire or something? Some of us over the pond have a big issue trying to download mods from the forums.
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