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  1. SMN - I had issues as you see here and I promise you, you won't regret this one. EVEN with the AAR issues, it's totally worth it. BD will fix it, I believe that, but even without it, i'm continuing on and I know I'll love it. Buy it... probably the best campaign out there. JS
  2. Apparently I didn't have notifications on here, I'm sorry for the late reply. I did wait to continue until I heard back though and I'm glad I did, because in the meantime I bought the book. I really appreciate the reply and a QUICK one from you!! (just wish I had notifications on lol) I will continue on as you suggest and go back in ME for #3. Thanks BD and I suppose this will just make me a better pilot, as I'm just going to have to figure out how to air refuel on the smaller tankers lol
  3. The save feature doesn't work, or me hitting "end mission" was incorrect. I wasn't sure what to do and google doesn't have the answer... so it took me to mission 4. I'm not happy, because my choices are now to lose all progress, start over to see what would of happened in mission 3 OR continue and just not find out until I fly again. Was I supposed to press fly again?? or close?? Anyway to go back? Sorry for the rant there, because OTHERWISE, this is an AMAZING campaign!!! I love the immersiveness, the realizm and the way it's literally forcing me to become a better pilot. THank you, i truly mean that!!
  4. YOU'RE AMAZING!! I couldn't figure this out for the life of me. THANK YOU! lol
  5. P.S. Just incase it's something to do with GME, here is a screenshot of what I did....
  6. **Campaign** not mission I just installed OvGME, followed some online instructions and when I start the mission, I don't get errors, but DO not feel like everything has loaded. I'm on a basically empty carrier with 2 broken helicopters. I have my paths set like below in the path.bat files and I felt so confident I got it right. Does this attached error message mean anything to anyone? I'm so lost and I'm usually pretty good at this kind of thing... Help Please. Thanks for any help with this. PATH.BAT file REM Core or Main DCS ou DCS.beta path, always end the line with \ set "pathDCS=C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta" REM DCS or DCS.beta saved game path, always end the line with \ set "pathSavedGames=C:\Users\Home PC\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta" REM DCE ScriptMod version not any / or \ and no space before and after = set "versionPackageICM=20.38.00"
  7. This looks old, but I just got an email about it. Can anyone point me in the right direction to join to Hornet BFM? Nvm-I see the comment right above me. I will wait for a new post! Thank you!
  8. Can someone give me the PW to the server please? There never used to be one and the TS also has a PW that I must have lost or was also recently added... Best Regards, {HVY}Plasticmatt477
  9. {HVY}Plasticmatt477 Messerschmidtt BF109-K4 Below is a link to the video I created for the submission. Mine is more raw footage than a show, but I hope some people enjoy it... ~S~ to ALL!
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