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  1. to avoid crashing to your desktop, we can do 2 things: first to completely avoid setting up the QTY page.. or 2, make sure that whatever you have selected in QTY page is what you're actually dropping. For me, I do the first one as that is a lot less work to do (especially if you're dropping multiple JDAMs in 1 pass). Downside is you can't really manage you're wing load after dropping. Option 2 is fine, but you have to select each one precisely how you set it up in the QTY page. Oh, for those who missed it, you could enter the last 2 decimal digits in lat/long. So if you're trying to enter N 26o 15' 02.05".. it's gonna be.. N 26 15 02 -enter- 05 -enter. I didn't know this beforehand and so was missing targets really bad. I don't think this was also in Wags' video.. or i just missed them. :lol:
  2. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=217594 ICLS added to most of the airfields on the Persian Gulf..
  3. none that I know of. :( I also tried changing the clock, that didn't work too. Is there a way to just delete the old/current certificate and let the client get a new one?
  4. noticed the issue about 2 days ago. Read through a bunch of stuff and tried a few things. I don't have an AV, so it's not that. Then I remembered windows had a "basic" firewall, so I disabled that as well as the one on my router. DCS still didn't properly logged in. So I started uninstalling stuff that I recently installed. That worked, although I'm not sure which program caused it as I just uninstalled a bunch of them then tried DCS. Okay great, I have it running again.. until today. So the error came up again and I'm at a loss what else to uninstall as I pretty much have nothing on my computer other than OS + DCS. Any ideas? :( :mad:
  5. oh yeah.. sorry.. the link/directory was a typo, it's indeed the default missions folder.
  6. I'm presuming you haven't tried going out of the "default" missions folder (keep pressing the [...])? you should be able to get to \...\mods\aircraft\A-10c\missions\EN\campaigns from the in-game menu.
  7. i'm not sure what you are asking here because it does show on mine - both the BFTC series missions and the regular Georgia ("CA-Push" and "Push") missions...
  8. well.. i can pretty much stay close to the required airspeed. My problem is keeping my altitude between 2300-2700 once i begin my turn. there is a sweet spot (bank angle or rate of turn) where i'm neither dropping nor gaining altitude but it's often too slow and I would overshoot my waypoints, which complicates things even further with the FE trying to get me to turn on the waypoints itself. Well, I need more air time i guess..
  9. try looking in: \...\Mods\Campaign\A-10C - Basic Flight Training Qualification\
  10. https://skyvector.com/airport/UGSB/Batumi-Airport runway HDG is 126.. maybe it's rounded up?
  11. yeah, after a bit of reading after I posted that i did find some similar threads in here. Thanks! and also, it was late that I realize that the playthroughs I passed wasn't the actual exam *sillyme*! haha!
  12. Hi Sabre, I joined the forum to thank you! i'm so interested with DCS but fairly new to it, and this training course certainly gets me going in the right direction. 1 question tho, do I have to wait for certain triggers at the end of each course? I have finished BFTC-1 2x or 3x, but I have never triggered the next one. Thanks in advance!
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