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  1. Is this a fix for the floodlight is doing the same thing? Where do I find this setting?
  2. Hi guys. Well I can’t get past the first mission. TOT isn’t working. Each time in input 07:23.00 for the tanker RV I’m always late, regardless of what my hud says I need to fly yo be on time. I tried twice & each time it got me there well over a minute late. Also the TOT to wypt 2 requires you to either do an unscheduled circuit of the airfield on takeoff, much to the annoyance Of the instructor or fly at virtual stall speed while zig zagging around the sky. Any ideas??
  3. Hi Ragnar. All I did was click select roll & hit fly & i appeared in the jet for a second or 2 then it crashed the game. It’s the same in some of the training missions & I can’t finish the campaign as the last mission doesn’t work. I love the viggen so it’s very annoying. I will ask about the trackfile for the mission. Rob
  4. Is there a fix for this issue? I still have the problem.
  5. Do you have any further suggestions RagnarDa?
  6. I cant seem to do anything with it. I cant copy the file
  7. I cant seem to post it assuming i have the correct file
  8. I work on the IDS & tho I hate the thing to work on i'd love to fly it in DCS.
  9. Hi guys. Since the 2.5.6 update I've had terrible lighting issues with DCS in VR. Cockpit flood lights & some external Taxi or search lights only show in one eye of my Index. It's annoying at best & gives me a headache at worst & looks terrible. Is this a genuine issue with DCS now or is it a new setting issue that I don't know about? Thanks for any help.
  10. Hi guys. I've had this issue for a while but I thought it had been fixed. After a year off DCS I came back & went through the Viggen tutorials to familiarise myself with it again. However some of the tutorials would crash the game. I just put this down to bad tutorial files. So last night I spent about 7 hours flying the Viggen in free flight & on servers with no issues apart from the standard Viggen issues of it not doing what its supposed to do :) However this evening I was supposed to fly in a large Viggen mission with Grim Reapers but every time I loaded into the jet it would crash DCS. I closed SRS & voice attack & it still crashed. No other module does this. I fly with the Valve Index btw but it would also do this on the Vive. Any ideas pls?
  11. Nope. The drivers were all current from my previous card. To be honest it seems to have stopped now. Not sure what I did.
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