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  1. Take my money already,F-14 FTW jump with a buddy inside as Pilot and Co Pilot/RIO and blow them up with AIM 54's.......oh man DCS is entering a new era.
  2. Thanks for everything you are doing MirKnir for the server i myself as being a regural i enjoy it to it's fullest and having so many A/A - A2G objectives. Although i was wondering if it's in your plans to increase the player capacity from 31 to lets say 40 so each team gets 20 players each? And how would you consider the option for adding preset waypoints for A/A and A2G objectives into the flight plan?
  3. Glad to hear that they can do it. I know it won't be close to 100% as the real thing since it is a simulation and not real life but the outcome will be great looking at the efford the RAZBAM's team has put into the Mirage since it first got released and now the Harrier. I hope they can get real life start up sounds of the Mirage 2000 and implement it.
  4. What he meant was that maybe the quality was a bit bad in terms of sound not in terms of what the aircraft's engine's sounds like,maybe he ment he didn't record it with a good camera,but you can see on the 2nd video that the engine is already spooled up and going up how approx we could hear it in DCS when running at IDLE power. P.S. Plus he said that it's different than hearing it from here and to actually be there,so that makes me believe his camera wasn't the best at his possesion at that time.
  5. So as the title states,i personally would love if the sound startup of the M2000 would be like the real thing,i know it's hard to modify sounds but maybe it could be possible and close to the real one. Take an example of this video showing a Mirage 2000 starting up in a shelter of a Greek Air Force base: Also when the mirage's engine spools up to 57% then drops back to 49% and idle the plane gets "quiter",but close to real one the engine stays loud. Look at this video:
  6. The sound of the engine spooling up is close to the real one though when engine is running idle the plane kind of gets quiter while in the real life video he engine is stable and loud. Also get this video from a start up Mirage 2000 from a Greek Air Force base: i would love to hear that startup sound when pressing the starter button in the game :)
  7. I thought the 2000-5 was the most classified than all due to half of it's systems been used in the Rafale. Well,yeah the 2000N variant carries nuclear weapons but the 2000D has only normal A2G weapons and the same radar only with A2G capabilities,i thought it was based on the 2000C which i think they are all based,due to the 2000C being a multirole A2A/A2G. At least we can have the 2000B,its exactly the same as the 2000C only difference it has a bit more fuel storage and the 2nd guy behind manages radar and weapons.
  8. The Mirage 2000-5 and all of it's systems are classified and all the info there is the public are from documetaries. I am happy with what we have the Mirage 2000C which is a multirole all weather fighter,and it has almost reached it's full potentional about 80% since 100% is not possible due to been a simulation. From me i would like to see variants of the Mirage 2000 like the 2000D version which is a based 2000C variant but with A2G only radar and a variaty of A2G weapons and being a 2 seater the pilot commands the plane and the 2nd officer commands the radar and the weapons.
  9. I was wondering since the Mirage 2000C is close to being almost finished and almost all of it's systems work minus the AG Radar due to the code missing and coming with the F18C would Razbam consider of starting a new project for the variant of the Mirage 2000D? I mean a lot of people would like that since the Mirage 2000C had a lot of success and we would love to see another multirole two seat crew A2G purpose aircraft along with the F14 Tomcat. About the systems there are not many differences since the original design of the Mirage 2000C exists and but the research needed is for the second seat behind and the radar officer on the back seat managing the A2G weapons. I know that would take some time for the systems of the Mirage 2000D when it comes for the back seat since the aircraft flight models must represent the real thing in real life. I would love if Razbam would take it into consideration =) Thank you for your time. P.S. Zeus thank you for the amazing work for the Mirage 2000C :)
  10. In the case of the french Mirage 2000C where you can set HG and mbar pressure is the same story or you have to do something different?
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