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  1. @xcom Is there any possibility of removing the takeoff assistance?
  2. Nice mission Eekz, thanks for making the change.
  3. Thanks for the quick update to 2.5 Eekz, and it would be nice to add some of these changes when you've got time.
  4. Pilots in the group are spread across flying times ranging from 1900Z-0200Z
  5. Holding off for now due to all of the version changes/instability in the next month, but the plan is to move to SRS for all R/T once 2.5 stabilises
  6. Added PDF link to above image: LINK
  7. Would be a good idea for the next mission to include multiple airfields at different distances from the frontline to allow people to make their own decisions.
  8. People are forgetting that this server was populated and successful for months with the previous mission which had the Luftwaffe airfields around Caen. This change to 30 mile apart airfields is relatively recent
  9. @Eekz, there needs to be a serious increase in the amount of AA Guns/Flak at the airfields. 2 or 3 guns at each field is completely useless, and as long as you don't fly straight down the barrel of the guns you'll never get shot down. The airfields need to have a realistic amount of Flak at them, at least 8-10 gun emplacements. This problem is made much worse by the airfields being only 30 miles apart with 20+ pilots on the server.
  10. Same, took the Mustang up for multiple sorties and it was completely stable.
  11. Nitrous flew a test flight where he overheated the engine on the Mk. IX, this happened approximately 30 seconds after the engine seized:
  12. @Sith There may be a connection to the spitfire damage model. Being disconnected from BS is never an issue when there are no spitfires flying on the server: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=199320
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