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  1. I got in and out of game a few times picking a different map each time and it seems to be working ok at the moment.
  2. @Flappie".Virgin" good one, I got it working thanks for your patients. S!
  3. I have two folders now one with and without _backup and when I try to fly something it still hangs up and doesn't respond. All my graphics setting got nuked.
  4. now I have two folders and that nuked all my settings
  5. I did save my input folder before update but that's all. The folder I saved doesn't have the Camera Free and Camera Local folders in it.
  6. I have the same crash but you guys are talking about different folders in different areas but I'm unclear what the actual fix is. exactly which folder should be deleted.
  7. How hard would it be to give us an update without it completely srewing up the controls settings, You got to be kidding me. what a joke.
  8. same here can't update, I keep getting a 503 error.
  9. I'm having the same problem, what was your fix with the graphic setting? thanks
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