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  1. Hi! I, have an issue with fog being visible through the tape seal "thingy" on the canopy By the left mirror Thanks
  2. Rest in peace Alexander. Cancer truly is the devils work. Condolences to friends and family
  3. Did you ever find a fix for this? This is annoying the hell out of me and it's been like this for a while now
  4. This is if you have the stand alone version. If it's on steam you have to enter the open beta via right clicking on dcs world in your game library, properties, betas, and opt in to open beta.
  5. firstly make sure that you have the dcs open beta and not the regular one. The easiest way of knowing if you have the beta or the regular one is to check the shortcut on your desktop. If it's the beta it will be called DCS World Openbeta, and if it's the regular one it will only be called DCS World. Start the game and check the top of the screen, the module manager is the icon that looks like a box made out of 9 smaller boxes. If you own an unistalled module there will also be a number in red on the same icon. The number is dependent on how many modules you havn't installed. And if you click on it will ask if you wan't to install said moduels
  6. Hi! I've encounterd a bug with the radar. If you move it to stby, after using it in opr you still see contacts on the radar
  7. Hey, my game keeps crashing at different occasions. PG is a no no and even crashes when i try to create a new scenario in the mission editor. Nevada keeps crashing too but I have been able to make a few flights. I've made a complete reinstall of dcs and reinstalled my nvidia drivers and I'm at a loss. I've added two logs, one for the ME crash and one for the mission in Nevada crash Any help is greatly appreciated NTTR LOG.zip PG LOG.zip
  8. no you only need one. The regular 2.5 is the stable version and contains less bugs but you'll recieve new stuff at a slower pace. (like the persian gulf map) The beta on the other hand lets you test stuff a little earlier , but on the other hand it's not fully tested, and it will contain bugs. So it's really up to you what feel is more important
  9. Hey all. I'm having some problems with the persian gulf map. The strange thing is that I was able to use it without problems this wednesday but these last couple of days I'm having no such luck. I've added the crash log and tells me it can't read the serials for the Viggen and the map. Do you have a fix for this? Regards Rickard edit. I used both the viggen and the map at the same time, if that matters dcs.log-20180525-155446.zip
  10. Mine's 95. But I have both maps and all the modules. So that probably cranks it up a bit
  11. Do you have any DLC campaigns? If yes, you have to install the aircraft first, otherwise it crashes. So again, first time, only install planes, helicopters and maps. And the second time you install the addons that depends on the above. Campaigns and GPS.
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