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  1. FYI Solved with the last update. Thanks
  2. This is new... I just tried it and it doesn't fix the problem Thanks anyway
  3. Good day I recently acquired the Orion2 HOTAS F-16EX combo (Absolutely recommended), which has generated the problem of this topic. Before starting this query, I have searched many places how to solve this problem. I have made all the changes that have been presented to me, and I cannot find the solution. Previously, I was using the Warthog controllers and had this problem too, but changing the device manager option to allow the computer to turn off this device "sometimes" fixed the problem. But not now, the only way for windows to act correctly is by disconnecting the USB controls (from the motherboard). If anyone has found a solution, I would appreciate it. cheers Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900KF CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz ROG STRIX Z490-E GAMING RAM 128 M.2*2 2T full SSD*3 2.5T total GeForce RTX 3090 Orion2 HOTAS F-16EX Saitek Pro Rudder
  4. Tested with last update. Good job Thanks
  5. Nice!, unfortunately is not IC
  6. Good day everyone Since the last update I have noticed a strange behavior of the LD-10 I have tested it in several scenarios, at different heights and in 95% of the times when I launch the second missile, approximately 10 miles from the target it deviates its trajectory to stall and fall vertically. I've never seen that glitch before. I attach all the files. Thank you dcs.log LD10_BEHAVIOR.trk JF-17 TESTS-CAUCASUS.miz
  7. Another video, with failures for clarify: 1. Before TO 2.After landing Cheers
  8. That is the point... I did several tests, the worst: raise the landing gear on the ground, and there is no repair, there is only repair if I have flown. In the video after landing there is no damage, and the system allows repair. Thanks for the tip hahahahah, I use VR, but for the recordings I make the track in 2d.
  9. 1. Cold, I try to repair and I only receive the confirmation (Copy) 2. Hot, the same as the previous point. 3. Air/Ground transition, and in this case there is repair. I made this recording without causing failures, (I already did the test and the result is the same). As I also did the test to start up, take off and land immediately and like point 3, there is a repair. I hope I have been clear. Greetings
  10. I discovered the problem. In this plane the repair function is activated only if you have been in flight. And the tests that I did were all COLD. Perhaps, it would be good if this were modified because if I suffer any inconvenience on my departure, the only way to solve it is by entering in a new plane. C.
  11. Hello everyone Has anyone else experienced repair issues? Before you ask me: 1. Plane at the base of its coalition 2. Engine stopped 3. I receive the confirmation from the mechanic (Copy) The remaining seconds dialog does not appear, anyway I wait 10 minutes in case it is only a problem with the message, and there is no repair. I don't think it's a DCS problem, I experimented with an F-16 next to the Jeff, same conditions and it repairs without problems. cheers
  12. In this case, when starting the flight in the air, the problem occurs once the RDR is set to STBY. I hope it helps you GND_RADAR_TEST.trk Here is the miz. GND_RADAR_TEST.miz
  13. Hello again Obviously there must be some problem in the Impact Angle programming of, in this case LS-6, since I don't see much difference if I select 15 degrees or 90. Apparently it will always be 45 degrees. My question is if Deka are aware, and if an update is planned on it. I attach the tracks and print screens Thanks. (Sorry if I go into much detail, but for me this is a very good module, if not the best, and if these details are improved it would be fantastic.) dcs.log 15-ANGLE.trk 90-ANGLE.trk
  14. Right, the problem persist with today's update.
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