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  1. Well.........I've had the Reverb for about a week now. As much as I love the Index for so many things, I'm about positive I'll be putting it up for sale.
  2. Wow that really sounds promising. My Reverb arrives Friday and I hope I come to the same conclusion you have regarding visuals. Really hope you can get yours squared away. I have an IPD of 60 so I'm on the bottom end of the scale for sure and I hope that doesn't doom me.
  3. Really? That much of a difference?
  4. Ordered a new Reverb today as I had to see what all the fuss is about. My plan is to test it directly to the Index and sell (or return in the Reverb's case) whichever one I feel doesn't work for me. One thing is for sure, if the Reverb wins, I'll miss the Index for the polished headset it is. Super comfortable, adjustable IPD (60mm for me), great audio and a nice FOV.
  5. How much additional clarity are we talking? 10%, 20%? I do wonder if the looking through a periscope thing would bother me.
  6. So for you guys that have used both the Index and the Reverb in DCS, is there really that significant of a difference visually?
  7. So as a follow up post, upgrading my CPU (6700k to 9700k) and going from 16GB of 3000mhz memory to 32GB of the same definitely has improved my VR performance. Much much smoother experience now at the same graphic settings as before. I'm running at 90hz with custom resolution at 100% where even at 90% or 85% resolution before would give me some stutters. What's even more amazing to me about that was my prior chip was OC'd to 4.6GHZ and would run temps in the mid 70C range playing DCS before. Now with no OC to the 9700k I get a smoother experience and my CPU temps are at 55C in session.
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. Yes, these are not on ground stutters, but in air stutters when flying over the assets. I should mention this is very prevelant while trying to use the “Capture the North” mission available on the DCS website. I think it has something like 800 assets!
  9. Anyone out there using a 9700k paired with a 1080ti and the Index? I'm currently on a 6700k OC'd to 4.6, 16GB of 3000mhz RAM and the 1080ti with no OC. DCS is on a SSD drive. For settings on the Index I'm using a 90hz refresh rate at 96% resolution under the "video" settings with no motion reprojection. On the applications tab I use a custom resolution setting of 100%. In the Nvidia control panel I use a setting of antialiasing transparency of 2x. In the game I use no MSAA or shadows with an IPD setting of 1.2. Textures are on high, view distance is on high and water is on high. Pre load radius is about 3/4 of the way to max with the slider for clutter and grass all the way down and tree visibility at about half. My issue is that in missions with large numbers of ground assets I seem to get some mini stutters through my Index and I'm wondering if perhaps a 9700k would help eliminate those?
  10. Yep I agree that MSAA is hard on the frames but the shimmer of airport edge lines when on the ground drives me nutto without it.
  11. No motion smoothing as I don’t like seeing three missiles on my wing tips when I rock the F18 wings back and forth. No shadows enabled no heat blur draw distances on high.
  12. I simply am amazed you guys can run at 200% plus. I’m using a 90hz refresh rate with 114% on a 6700k oc’d to 4.4 with a 1080ti to get smooth frames in MP sessions. That’s with in game PD at 1.0 and MSAA at 2.
  13. My PC and flight sim stuff is in my unfinished basement so I am able to put the base station on the ceiling in front of me pointing down at about a 45 degree angle. No issues with losing tracking while checking six. Thought I might have a problem with that but in my testing last night I found it wasn’t an issue.
  14. I can confirm that the Index works just fine with one base station. Just got mine set up today and all I purchased was the single station and the HMD. Can anyone tell me how you get steam VR displaying in the game you are playing? Can you for example read the FPS counter within steam VR?
  15. It seems like mine disappears when I choose a custom option for my screen layout. My testing went like this....... 1.) Backed up my input folder located in saved games/DCS.openbeta/config 2.) Reran DCS 3.) Exited DCS 4.) Added input folder back in At this point all of my controls were available in the control page. I however am running a 5760x1080 resolution stretched across three monitors and as such I have a custom monitor setup lua so that the menus are in the center of the display. As soon as I select this custom lua from the options menu under screens I lose my controls on the controls page.
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