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  1. I appreciate all the replies. with all the radio gear in the Ka-50 I was hoping that playing some music would be a piece of cake. DCS has music in the background while the game (simulator) is playing or has just started; can that music be changed? I currently use have a Boom Box that has a USB port on it that I play my music in the background with. If i were a programmer I'd make a simple mp3 player for the aircraft that would let a user paste mp3's in it's folder. Could Russian pilots tune into Radio Free Europe from their aircraft?
  2. I hope this is the right place to post this request, With all the radio stuff on DCS modules, I was just wondering if there was a special radio channel in the KA-50-2 or any other aircraft that I can play some of my mp3 music on while in the cockpit? I don't want to use them on MP maps just SP. Using copyrighted music in MP might be considered an infringement or illegal. Or, can I change the in-game background music to something else mp3 or some other format?
  3. Thank's All for the help point me to the mission file i needed. I will try it out tonight. I watched this YouTube--> DCS: Black Shark 2 - BS2 Weapon Employment training v1.1 ,that was the tutorial had the grown crew mark the targets with Red Smoke. I have used the IL-2 mission creator a while back so I do have some familiarization with mission building. However the DCS Mission Editor offers way more options. Thank's Again ALL for Your excellent help....SKY_FOXX !SOLVED
  4. I just watched this tutorial to help me learn how to use the KA-%0's weapons. I'd like to know the name of a Singleplayer .MIZ map that I can use to practice hovering and firing the KA-50. A simple map with some ground targets that the ground personal have marked with red smoke like the youtube tutorial I listed would be fine. If someone out there has a map like this or knows where I can find one, please let me know. P/s, I have some of the interactive tutorial mission maps already A simple custom made mission mission map will also be ok.
  5. !Thank's All, for all Your replies. The F-84 does not have all the advanced sophisticated weaponry as modern jet fighters. It's defense and radar systems are also deficient by todays standards. However, I just thought that after first flying a F-84 one could then understand and appreciate a little better the advances or evolution that the modern aircraft can deploy. Bear with me for a moment. The first helicopter I ever flew on a pc was on a Apple 2 (1982) called 'Choplifter'. It was a 2D and one had to rescue some people with the copter while being attacked by a jet plane and tank. Very simple game but in those days it was fantastic. today, we have computer games with helicopters that are 3D and let a player get in and out, shoot, control or even repair it i.e, DCS helicopter modules and Battlefield 4. I'm so glad I've been able to witness, appreciate and use these advances in computer gaming with respect to graphics programming. P.s, If DCS Santa can't design me a F-84; how about designing me a Klingon Brel Bird of Prey with cloaking? --------------------> http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Klingon_Bird-of-Prey
  6. Thank's All, I'd like to be able to fly and use all the aircraft weapons on a mission SP or MP without having to use the mouse at all. I use the F2 key (outside camera view) set directly behind the aircraft just to follow it. I'd just like the camera view to stay locked in that position. I'm still now use to using a joystick with a separate throttle controller. For many years I used the Logitech Extreme FF Pro (one piece) joystick so I had one hand free. However with my new TMTFH-X I'll have to get use to keeping my hands on both controls. So I figure it would be better to have everything mapped to the TMTFH-X.
  7. Dear DCS Santa, I've been a very good bot this year and for Xmas I'd like to have a Republic F-84 Thunderjet, Thunderstreak, DCs Module. If you don't know what that airplane looks like check out the site. http://www.strategic-air-command.com/aircraft/fighter/f84_thunderjet.htm As you know Santa, I was born in 1948 just after WW2 and before the US Korean War. So when I started watching television or went to the movies the F-84 was the jet plane used in some war and Si-Fi films. I sorta remember Client Eastwood flew a F-84 in the the movie 'Tarantula' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- The F-84 thunderjet would be a very simple project for DCS to deploy, because: 1. Very simple to model because it small. ( Sorry I'm not a modeler or programmer) 2. I don't think it has many switches and buttons to creaate. 3. A person new to DCS aircraft would find this jet plane less intimidating to begin with. So it would be a nice basic training aircraft. 4. A F-84 DCS or Steam DCS- F-84 will fit in my stocking on the fireplace 5. I can't find a real F-84 for sale on e-bay or Amazon. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- P.s, Last year my Mom made me leave the green salad out for you instead of the milk and cookies because she said you were too fat and a salad would be better for Your health. This year I will leave you some oatmeal cookies and ice cream. SKY_FOXX
  8. Thank's DeJohn, I'm very glade to get a reply to this thread. I got some help selecting skins two days ago and managed to change the basic Huey skin to the 'Huey Uncle Sam' skin and I noticed that the cockpit control panel was lighter. I was not sure if it was included with the 'turquoise cockpit skin' or was it a part of the 'Huey Uncle Sam' skin download. I'm sorry that i missed replying to Your answer sooner. I will follow Your instructions tonight. P.s, Is there a limit on the number of skins one can have installed for s specific aircraft or can install as many skins as one wishes?
  9. Sorry if this question seems a bit noobish but I 'd like to find out the best way to use a button on my TMTFH-X jowstick to select items just like we do by pressing the 'left mouse button' on a mouse? I'd like to use my joystick to select items and not have to use a mouse at all when flying. When I flying and sitting in the cockpit, I use the F-2 key to see the aircraft from the outside view. If I then touch or move the mouse the camera view moves the aircrafts viewpoint around. I does not move the aircraft at all but I lose the angle I'd set i.e, for an attack or just to land or chicking my hover. So I'd like to add the 'select' or 'use' option to a joystick button. What command do I bind to my TMTFH-X joystick?
  10. With an airborne start I did notice a slight time lapse for the joystick to function but that's to be expected. There's also a bit of lag when one takes control of the aircraft from autopilot mode (R-Alt+J}. I was having a throttle problem with the helicopters but I got that fixed by re-programming some of the joystick controls. I will have to study the operation of the A10-C a bit more..
  11. !uscstaylor, Thank You so much for helping me solve this what now seem to be a very simple problem. I followed your tutorial and found the drop down menu that's selects the skins. I even found the cuctom 'Huey Uncle Sam' skin listed in the menu. You should post Your tutorial for other noobs like me it did the job. I will remove the instructions post by me before Your's that I tried to help JaySmizzie with so that it won't confuse another person heeding help.
  12. Thank's All, I followed the advice all of you offered and it's all good. All I need to do now is study and practice. Thanks again, SOLVED
  13. Thank You hansangb and Bearfoot, I'll check that out. You're so right about flying a helicopter, being difficult to master. I learned how to fly and control them very well in the Battlefiled games. The DCS sim copters I will admit are harder to master but it's not rocket science. Do you know anything about the + key on th e number pad? P.s. I do have a profile saved that I use for this joystick and it worked fine with the KA50-BS-2 that I got last week. . I don't seem to have any problems flying the KA50 other than learning how to use all the the buttons and switches. And, like most of the sim style software and other games there is a learning curve one must overcome. P.s for Bearfoot. I started reading about the systems of a helicopter this morning. That's why I now know the difference between the collective and the cyclic.
  14. Thank's cthulhu68, for Your speedy reply. I just got the joystick and I guess it's working properly. The Win 8.1 device manager say's it working properly. I'm using the latest Thrust Master drivers and I fly helicopters just fine in all the Battlefield's. I used to use a Logitech Extreme 3d FF Pro that had a calibration thinggy in the control panel but I've not seen one for the Thrustmaster T Fight Hotas-X as of yet. I removed all multi-binds that I can see. some of the Battlefield games i.e BF3 and BF4 were having multi-bind trouble when one had some Logitech products like the G13 or some of their macro capable keyboards causing conflicts. therefore, I try to use only vanilla mice and keyboards and unplug my G13 and nostromo. I hope I don't have to uninstall all of there drivers from my just to use my joystick with DCS stuff.
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