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  1. Hi all, I own a Saitek x52 and enjoy flying helicopters in DCS but I was was getting frustrated with the design of the joystick. The spring design made it challenging and I wanted to have the joystick mostly mimic the feel of a real helicopter's joystick where the joystick didn't force back to center. So I made a mod that works very well for me and wanted to share it with the community. The idea is to remove the spring and replace it with a set of magnets on the base and a metal plate "attached" to the joystick post. Here is a picture of the magnet base (this is a representation of the finished magnet ring but shows the set of magnets used): Here is the joystick with the metal plate installed: As you can see it is a destructive mod - I needed to remove the spring and the plastic guide. Unfortunately, the design of the joystick doesn't make it easy to remove the spring and guide so I had to cut them out. Here is a video of me using the joystick flying he Huey: Not the greatest video but you get the idea. The motion is like glass and constant pressure across the entire range of motion. There is not a centering feature but neither is there in a real helicopter either (at least the helicopters I worked on while in the Army: CH-47, OH-58 and UH-1). Since this is my only joystick, I use it for all of the other fixed wing aircraft and it works well for me. Maybe one day I'll add some kind of centering detent. If you're interested in more detail please PM me. I have 3D printed the parts (except for the metal plate) and can easily replicate it if needed. Thanks, Rick
  2. This hints that it's available on Nellis: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2616581&postcount=14
  3. The process worked! One of the beta testers (ThorBrasil) caught it before it goes to stable.
  4. Cannot download update I'm unable to download. Getting this error: 00001.758 ERROR: Servers are unable to complete your request. Please, try again later. I turned off my firewall. Attached is my log. autoupdate_log.txt
  5. Should've close this thread after post #2. It was perfect up to that point. :)
  6. I've also had the mouse centering issue. My workaround until it is fixed is to take it out of full screen mode and center the cursor. Then I go back to full screen.
  7. This happens to me often. What I do is to get out of full screen mode and center the cursor in the screen. Then go back to full screen mode. (Rift -S)
  8. This happens to me all the time if I take off my headset for a bit and put it back on. Although for me my new position is about 2 feet down and 2 feet to the left of the cockpit. I just do what razo+r said and recenter the view. NUM 5 I believe.
  9. Too bad people just don't answer his question: "Yes and here is how you modify the lua files" OR "I have no idea." It's cool that he wants to experiment and learn something.
  10. Xilon, please call me. Great offer. Just kidding. but that A-4 on that sub looks very photoshopped.
  11. Yes, unfortunately, you did just say that out loud.
  12. Did you press Alt-Enter to maximize the game screen? If you don't do this you may click outside of the game screen and lose focus.
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