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  1. same for me with last update, and it's a nightmare to land on carier as soon as lights are on the Stennis...
  2. hello, it seems that the trick to create a boat unit on sea and copy/paste it on a lake doesn't work anymore on the last beta version. Any alternative solution to make it possible? thanks
  3. ok, thank you. unfortunatly at close range it's difficult to change your target when you use it to move your maverik seeker...
  4. hello, i've got an issue with the DMT on TV mode, that i couldn't solve for a wile. There is on the left side options buttons : "Wide" or "Narrow" but by switching from one to other the zoom or dezoom doesn't change at all like it does with the targeting pod. Am i doing something wrong? thanks for your help.
  5. Hello, since the evolution of radar, it is much sofisticated than the early access version. It seems more complicated to detect and keep a lock than it use to be. Is there an updated tutorial ? thanks
  6. Activation problem hello, i changed mother board, chipset, ram, CG. Still have the same windows 10 and hardrive. I kept my file "saved games" with all settings from the previous alpha 2 version I have updated alpha 2 version and dowloaded the release version. I have popups about each modules asking that with the harware changes i have a problem with activation key for each modules. So i use the "try again" button and for most of my modules it works. it says for exemple your activation key number 7 has been use. in the game if i go to settings and modules activated they are all activated and i have in the box close to them the activation code for them wich stays the same as the one given by ED. Each time i launch the game windows about activation keys pop up. And even as it says that it has been activated, the plane doesn't apears in the game... Any advise? Thank's a lot.
  7. Hello, is there any news about implementing the hud brightness control? it's always an issue during dogfights as it's a bit crowded on hud...
  8. thanks for that guys, i thought it was as simple as the caucasus map. :huh:
  9. Hello, it seems that nobody has an answer about the way to find thoses ground textures? :(
  10. hello, after being 5 days shooting pictures in George AFB (socal logistics) i found it on the map and i was wondering if there is a way to map good quality textures in games. were are the files and is there a way to locate a precise map zone? I would like to map better quality photo textures on some airports that are bluried on the south area. thanks for your help.
  11. hello, thank you for your answers. DCS 2 seems to work well without lockon but... Black shark 2 can't reload without Black shark 1, says that you need the original on your computer...:(
  12. Hello, my hard drive is now a bit too short to install 2.0 and i would like to fly nevada map. I still have an old install through lockon gold and black shark 1. All together nearly 9 Giga :cry: i was wondering if i could just remove those two dinosaurs fossils and keep my game stable? Thanks for helping my spring cleaning :thumbup:
  13. Hello, just shot these picts from my house few minutes ago. :pilotfly: First time that F22 are flying over Paris with French Mirages and Rafale. Old Vets pilots of the Lafayette squadron should be overwelmed by this tribute!
  14. Hi, Please guys, first just make the hud brightness control available. :music_whistling:it would be a great comfort in dog fight
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