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  1. Also the formation lights and cabin lights doesn't shine anymore.
  2. What!! this is a GAME! yes, you at your age are playing with games same as me. Everyone have the right to play like they want. That thing of "hard core simmer" doesn't exist! it is just the way how you want to play the game.... come on bro, ignorant and stupid just for dong stunts??? you must be a very bitter person... :doh:
  3. Why trolling? so just because you want a module that have a FM with serious deficiencies after 7 years of development means that nobody have the right for asking for a better product?? Beside, I say it very clear, I'm willing to PAY for an extension, again, P A Y!!!! with real money and not with unconditional loyalty!!!! You should ask the developers if they want my money or your unconditional loyalty....just don't cry.
  4. Ok, now you are butt-hurt because you asked me for an example and I gave it to you. The mi8 module is nice, but make it work like it's suppose to fly is very difficult. Do you see videos of real mi8 moving like in dcs? and I'm talking about take off or landing and I'm not talking about stunts. Look bro, we are in the same page just that I don't have the patient for waiting 7 more years to get the module finished. That's why I'm not willing to pay for a graphics overhaul like the ka 50, but I will $15-20 for an expansion of capabilities. If they make a mi17-V5 I using this module as a base I'm willing to pay up to $30. Hopefully :drink:
  5. Bro, multicrew was one of the broken promises, and after 6 years....:noexpression::( besides that is for the UH-1H not for the mi-8.
  6. This is a little example, check the speed and how high he is when he did the stunt. This guy has more than 100 videos on the mi-8 doing impossible stunts on real life. That's how i know, can you prove me wrong?:smartass:
  7. I totally agree with you. Now that ED did an overhaul on the a10 & ka50 and razbam did the same with the mirage I think is time for the mi8. The cockpit is very dark and low resolution also the flight physics are unreal and no mention that many promise like multycrew were not completed.
  8. Hi, I will pay for those good ideas too. The mi8 needs an urgent overhaul...PLEASE!!!
  9. Rafo79

    Mirage Status

    Yes, yes you did. Listen son, the reason of the complain is not the actual state of development of the module try to understand that...come on you can do it! i will wait for you :music_whistling: The real reason is the decision of Razbam to put on hold or delay the process of development of the module. I know the reasons, but those reasons are not my problem; I paid for the M2k in beta stage waiting for the final product. Im a customer and I paid in advance for a product that now will take more time because the developers want to put all the time and effort to other modules instead of finished the m2k, example the manual; something so easy to update. Nobody said that the m2k is not playable or the has big bugs. Very bad luck of the M2K first Dassault killed in favor of the Rafale and now Razbam killed in favor of the Harrier.:cry: Cheers
  10. OK I that's the main difference between you and I. I bought a module in beta stage assuming that the developer will continue the develop until is finished as soon as possible. You bought a beta module with no promises and no accountability to your money, as soon as the developer WANTS TO FINISH IT. Listen you express that u are not happy with the development time, so do I, the difference is that if Razban said "customers we did as much as we can the only things that left are not in our hands, so we will waiting like you and kill any bug that appears" that will be more than enough for me that means that this company is serious and care about costumers. I think that the module is almost done, it's playable and fun to use. I didn't buy the mig21 so that's is not my problem, I refer to those guys because they were able to introduce 5 new features rb04, rb15f, bk90, radio guided missile, and the radar. Hopefully you understand that we(yes, you too) as customers we have the right to express surprise or angry when we see a delay, even if the delay is justifiable. Cheers :beer::joystick:
  11. I no man no, Razbam is not given really updates they are just tweaking minor problems so they have something to present the next update Friday. That is(in my opinion) because they need more time or people to spare in the m2k. I didn't bought a Beta module, I bought complete module that was in beta stage; think about it! Maybe they should learn from the guys of Heatblur because the Viggen has a2g radar...so that of ED need to implemented first smells fishy:pain: It is always make me laugh when fankids are fooled by developers.
  12. The constructive critic is...Razbam by putting on hold or almost on hold the m2k you are making the customers angry and (at least in my case) a lot of theme will not buy the new module, not because the module it self but because your way of doing business. "Razbam will finish the 2000 but now they must work on the Harrier" what? I paid for the m2k not for future modules, that's Razbam problem not mine. it's ok to wait for the updates that will make the module complete but, not for future modules. You are perfect customer man, can I sell you something? :megalol: ED has nothing to do with 3th party modules evolutions.
  13. Sorry dude but, that it's a complain from a customer not from a friend. I feel the same I love m2000 and when I saw this product I bought it immediately. Yes i knew that it was in beta but, since Razbam start the harrier project they only have excuses for not finishing the m2k.
  14. Hi Lymark did you be able to fixed the problem? because I have the same result even with the new patch. this is so frustrating :helpsmilie:
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