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  1. Sorry about that. It is an terrain mod for a depreciated version of the game, so people tend to move on. I am traveling right now, but when I get time, I will put it on Google Drive and share it for you.
  2. Like I said.I I am not complaining. Like many here, I have been waiting for this airframe and was just going off by the tidbits Razbam wouldbprovide every once in a while. But they seem to keep putting this one on hold only to work on other things. I think the last we heard, they had the airframe basics done (showed outter images and not the xockpit) and stated it was on hold until the F-15E ground radar was done. With the competition, or coordination, we might see it sooner. Yay!
  3. I am sorry, but I have to laugh at the logic on this. There are more gamers that play on Windows because most games (especially AAA titles) are made for Windows Only. If the games people are playing are Windows only, then people are not even given the chance to play games in Linux for you to get a proper idea of how many Linux games there are. As for the Steam Hardware Survey, it seems that you have not boticed that Linux players have constantly been growing and would have been growing faster than Windows gamers. Because the Steam Survey shows the mass influx of Windows gamers located in the Far East such as China, it kind of obscures that fact. This was discussed in quite a few Youtube videos already.
  4. I am confused. How can people tell that there are not enough gamers on Linux to justify porting a game to Linux? I ask that because there are not enough games of this genre that are ported over for people to play to even give a hint as to the amount of games on Linux. You have to port the game iver to really tell how many there really are. That is about like that argument against multiple gpu's. I don't know how many times I read how not enough people have multiple gpu's to justify having a game support them. Luckily, developers have realized they can utilize hardware in users computers to blister there games hence the move to Vulkan with DCS. Hopefully, the Vulkan move will make it much easier to port to Linux. I am going to predict that if DCS makes the move to Linux, those anti Linux people are going to be surprised at how many there really are on Linux. Or how many that are holding onto Windows just because their game has not been ported to Linux yet... As for the anti multiple gpu people, I have to laugh since many of them spend $500 on HOTAS and head tracking. Lol
  5. I am not complaining, buy what happened to Razbam doing thebA-7? Did they just keep putting it on hold that someone else started doing it? Prowler was pretty straight forward many times in the forums that they were doing the A-7 and planned it from day 1. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=180652&page=6
  6. MediaFire does not seek to be working for me so does anyone know where I can get this Green Thunder terrain mod these days? I have been running it on a computer hosting a DCS 1.5 6 so that my nephews and I could play together. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Speaking of Server Map Licenses, will we be able to buy all the maps on one "server account" and then have that one account on different machines hosting the different maps? All logged into the same account but machine 1 hosts Persian Gulf, machine 2 hosts Nevada, machine 3 hosts Caucasus, machine 4 hosts Normandy.... Or would we have to put a single map on separate server accounts?
  8. From the sounds of it, your FOV or aspect ratio is off. At the 5760x1080 resolution, your aspect ratio should be 5.333333333. There are two places where your aspect ratio is. \Saved Games\DCS\Config\options.lua which is what you have in the game settings. The second is in your DCS game folder. \Config\MonitorSetup\ Since you are using nVidia surround, you should be using the 1Camera.lua which will already have it calculated. If you chose a different monitor setup, you will have to check those settings in that lua. Hope I understood you and this helps. Sent from my LG-H900 using Tapatalk
  9. Mr. HarryDeere41, Mind if I ask what nVidia drivers you are using for the surround? It seems the last two drivers nVidia released aren't allowing me to use 3 monitors for surround. The one I am using does allow surround and allows me the 7560x1440 resolutions, but defaults to 3840x960 whenever I reboot. SLI is definitely flaky and that is before you even get into games with it. For those of you wondering, I did try to hook up the instrument monitor and the center monitor to the primary video card and the two side monitors to the secondary video card. The results of that setup actually performed worse than if I ran all 4 monitors at 5760x1080 (accessory or instrument monitor at 1080p below) with just a single 1080 Ti. Too bad DCS World is not setup like X-Plane 11 or P3D x4 where you can utilize two separate video cards for different views.
  10. Thanks for the input zhukov032186, but I believe this thread already made the observation that a 970 is lacking in the ability to power 3x 1080p screens. As you can see in my sig, I have already made a drastic upgrade to compensate. I am now waiting on that second 1080 Ti to get here (will be here Monday). Then I will be able to check out some of the differences between a single 1080 Ti, SLI 1080 Ti's, or splitting monitors on the two 1080 Ti's. The reason I started this thread is because I read that old one which talked about someone having issues with 980's in SLI mode, but gain considerable performance from splitting the monitor load among the two cards. I was hoping to see if anyone else has had the same success the prior thread's author did.
  11. Thank you so much Mr. HarryDeere41. He answered the SLI question quite well. Does anyone have any experience with running the two 1080 Ti's in single card mode where you have the main monitor connected to the middle monitor and the second video card connected to the left and right monitors?
  12. It seems this has been discussed a little on another site: https://forums.oculusvr.com/community/discussion/56343/how-to-push-your-vr-system-particular-oculus-game BeastyBaiter August 2017 Xavier4or, yes mostly. DCS World has 2 branches currently, DCS 1.5 stable and DCS 2.x alpha. DCS 1.5 is what's on steam and includes the free map. However it uses a less advanced graphics engine that puts nearly all graphics processing onto a single CPU core instead of using the GPU. The newer DCS 2.x branch is much better, but the free map is not compatible with it at this time. They are updating it still so that it will work with the better graphics engine. It's this DCS 2.x Alpha branch that will crush a 1080 TI. Here's a pretty screenshot of it doing just that (this is absolute max possible detail in VR): Telorn August 2017 edited August 2017 If you want to push your video card beyond its limits, about any main stream VR title can do that. Go to the graphics and increase either supersampling / resolution above 1.0. What it's doing is rendering the game above the native resolution of the two HMD eyes. This gives the benefit of cleaner textures, better text and less jaggies. If you can get the supersampling high enough, AA isn't even needed. The rendering can get over 4k and make any high end video card crawl, especially when we want 45fps per eye, or 90fps total. BeastyBaiter August 2017 Indeed, that pic above is running at in game pixel density of 2.5 on top of the rift's native 1.3. That's (1080x1200)*1.3*2.5 = 3510x3900 per eye. For 2 eyes, it's 7020x3900, roughly equal to a triple 4k monitor setup in terms of total pixels. It was done just for grins as a test, obviously 21 fps isn't playable. More reasonable settings (PD 1.3 in game, 2xMSAA instead of 8x) gave a consistent 45 fps with the GPU at 90%+ usage in the busiest areas.
  13. As DCS World evolves, we are constantly upgrading our systems. Many have already jumped to VR, but I am positive that there are still an abundance of triple screen pilots out there. I would like to discuss setups and performance of our triple screen setups. DCS World 2.5 even at lower settings at 1080p x3 is almost unplayable with a GTX 970. How well does DCS World 2.5 run with a 1080 Ti at 1080p x3 or even 1440p x3 at higher settings? How well does DCS World 2.5 scale when using two 1080 Ti's (in SLI mode) at 1080p x3 or even 1440p x3 at higher settings? How well does DCS World 2.5 scale when using two 1080 Ti's (not in SLI mode) at 1080p x3 or even 1440p x3 at higher settings?
  14. As of March 18th, 2018, I can say that these tweaks work for both the 1.5 retail and the 2.5 beta (with the latest patch). It lowered the CPU usage to about 1/2 of what it was before. The GPU usage did decrease by 1/2 with 1.5, but wasn't as successful with 2.5. With 2.5, the GPU load was lowered to about 60% instead of maxing them out. What is strange is that in the machine with dual video cards, it had both of them about 55%. DCS 1.5 had CPU 30% and GPU 35% = Q9550 @3.4/8GB DDR2-800/GTX580 1.5GB/Samsung SM841 256GB SSD + WesternDigital WD5000AAKS (24GB Pagefile) DCS 2.5 Caucasus had CPU 30% and GPU 60% = Q9550 @3.4/8GB DDR2-800/GTX950 2GB/Samsung 850 PRO 256GB SSD + WesternDigital WD5000AAKS (24GB Pagefile) DCS 2.5 Nevada had CPU 20% and both GPU1 and GPU2 55% = FX-8150 @4.2/12GB DDR3-1600/2xGTX580 SLI/RAID0 OS (2xIntel 520 120GB SSDs) + Segate ST500LM021 (24GB Pagefile) Mind you that the most people I have had on these at once was about 8 as they are used for other purposes during the day and only act as servers at night. But the lower CPU and GPU usage has made it much easier to keep the rooms they are in cooler compared to before. These are all on a single Suddenlink 1Gbs / 50Mbs connection.
  15. I know this is an old topic, but no one on here pointed out the ME-MOD which I have used it now with 1.5.7 Release, 1.5.8 Release, 2.1 Alpha, 2.2 Alpha, and even the 2.5 Beta. So if people find themselves looking to change the countries of their coalition after creating their mission, this thing works wonders... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=141475&highlight=change+countries And I have just put together a list of the "player" aircraft chart for each country for 2.5 Beta... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bz_GO-DOc48VANjQAy8rgoajTuorLQvYl_2RXlvE2Zg
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