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  1. Have you any source about it? In DCS I can guide aim-7m in P-STT lock, so I assume it is a CW guidance. And I found this : https://books.google.fr/books?id=o3PTEuaoSosC&pg=PA1409&dq=aim-7m+cw+or+pulse&hl=fr&newbks=1&newbks_redir=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjPyNC4t7_xAhXQ3YUKHf5eAQoQ6AEwAnoECAkQAg
  2. When in multiplayer as a client, if you are in a Viggen and a mark is created on the F10 map DCS will crash to desktop. Same thing happen with the F14 and asking jester to set a steerpoint from map. The hosting player do not crash. No problem with single player missions
  3. Bump! the clock shifts approximately 13 seconds every 20 minutes, tested with the cold start instant action mission. I don't know if it's the same bug or another one.
  4. We are using this script since a while now, it works great! Is it possible to add a border system? IE : Sam will engage intruders only ( Opposite force inside a zone) If some unit has been hit there is no more border It's just an idea
  5. I guess this clock http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/cockpit.html#clock http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/cockpit.html#rclock
  6. Thanks for the answer. My point was to play this campaign with four players : 2 pilots and 2 rio. I have downloaded and edited the mission to have two planes as client. Next we found the issue, I redownload the campagn and extract the 8 missions to the savedgame directory. I opened the 3rd mission with the editor and I have the same issue: The mission 2, 3 4 and 7 have the same very short briefing : Clear the way for the strike package. Edit : I found the issue: My game is in french, and the issue is the localisation of the mission. If you set the game in french language you will find the issue I have. It is like if your long briefing was translated with my short one. Edit 2 : You have the issue with all other languages than english. The quickest way to correct it is to erase all the localisations other than english.
  7. As you can see on tacview, it was a constant attitude climb. The key is to avoid to fall subsonic. On a lot of plane, M0.9 is the optimal climbrate, but here, it climbs better at around M1.2 It is only my personnal experience.
  8. Oh! Another useless thread I created! :D
  9. Hello, In MP there is some bad synch between Pilot and RIO : The pilot can see the inputs of the RIO (on TID) whe the RIO is typing but when the RIO press enter: ALT, RNG and BRG remains at 000 from the pilot's point of view. From the RIO point of view there is nothing wrong. When the pilot designates the IP visually on the HUD, as there is no offset from his point of view, the target is merged with the IP. I am using this : http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/weapons.html#computer-initial-point I've tried several times, as a pilot and as a RIO and I am able to use the "Computer Initial Point" effectively in SP with no problem.
  10. Thanks for the answers, I cannot add [No Bug] to the thread's Tittle. What shall I do ?
  11. Yes, I agree it is a game. And more over a not so stable game. If your DCS or a wingman DCS crash you have to coldstart again. Which is a waste of time. Envoyé de mon SM-G930F en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. I tried the first three missions with some friends, Pilot and Rio First one: A nice one, but a bit rought in the air, a lot of aircrafts. Second : Very well, nothing to say, a real pleasure! third : Nice but there is no briefing, and the voice doesn't correspond to the text, we had to relisten the .ogg to understand the push time @ 1614
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