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  1. thanks to both of you. i was already suspecting that 16gb might not cut it. i guess i'll wait wth buying until i get a new pc...
  2. Hi, quick question. Has anyone experience with Syria on a 16GB system? I tested the map on my system two (?) years ago at the pandemic free to play event and it was fine for doing a sightseeing flight but for anything more it struggled with ram. Has there been optimizations since then? I would not expect "proper" missions to run well, but very light mission with a handful of aircraft would be nice. Any experience anyone? Thanks.
  3. Also we desperately need crew for the 57mm AA guns and other units.
  4. The F-16 could really need some livery love. Shimmering liveries need fixing and more liveries are needed to represent the Gulf countries. Also some more US liveries in camouflage would be great. The standard grey is a bit boring...
  5. As the 16 was so widely exported, maybe some foreign airforce did? For example who did the seperation testing for the greeks when they decided they wanted HARMs on the inner stations?
  6. maybe @BIGNEWY could take the matter of this discussion and ask one of ED's SMEs about it. While unfortunately there seems to be more evidence against the triple-loadout, it seems to be less definite than in other loadout-realism discussions. Since we have the loadout-restriction-manager now, it would be possible to allow loadouts that were hypothetically possible. Even if they were not cleared for normal use, who knows if those loadout wouldn't be used in dire circumstances. To not offend anyone: I would not want even the possibility, if - in reality - it was impossible (!) to safely deploy GBUs from a triple loadout, but with the loadout-restriction system, it could be fun to explore hypothetically possible loadouts.
  7. there seems to be a bug where in multiplayer games, the AI always behaves as if it was on the highest skill setting. easy to test if you put some low skilled AAA in ME and playing with ME preview compared to playing it in self-hosted MP: big difference in accuracy and range...
  8. i did notice that there is significant difference between SP and MP. in MP flak is more aggressive. i have the feeling that in MP flak ignores the skill settings and always behaves as if set to max skill.
  9. I now bought the map (during the sale) and while it seems to be a little bit expanded compared to the initial release, i still think that its small size is its biggest problem. i think it would also greatly benefit from more airfields on the french side...
  10. bump for visibility again I think it should be an easy fix that would offer great value to many players. View distance, tree distance, object lod and tree lod should be enough to mitigate the performance impact a little bit and i assume that those settings don't require any re-initialization from the engine, so should be easy to be changed "on the fly"... Thanks.
  11. for this particular problem i think it would be best, if they just added ground service and parking to the airstrip. mission designers can always limit ammo and fuel supplies, if they want to limit the effectivness of the airstrip...
  12. I'd assume that if there was a ME country sporting the 50, that ED would have included the livery already. I personally have absolutely no problem with the slight inaccuracy of having a non 50, disguised as a 50, so would still be extremely happy about some ME liveries...
  13. from the provided screenshot it appears as if the OP uses off-road-waypoint, instead of on-road-waypoints. i would guess the latter is needed for the units to pass the river...
  14. As the title says, the altitide adjustment does not work for the new clouds. Clouds will always appear at the presets default altitude. Most weather presets are set at quite a high altitude (also they are always set some thousand feet higher than the description says - on all maps that is), so the possibility to lower them a bit is highly needed for normandy. Thanks!
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