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  1. you can also find "Today's Events" in bottom of forum's index
  2. Week"s" not the coming one https://www.facebook.com/eagle.dynamics/posts/10159721195000341
  3. Phil made some live (3) about editor on Normandie and bombing with B-17 Ai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfJgbegqFaM&t=730s
  4. i learned a lot with this series of video. "Defensive Notching" seem to be the most efficient with the M2000-C
  5. ColdCraving


    Fantastic ! thank you for your works ! Can't wait to let my sound system blow my room !
  6. Ty, i am gonna make so test before ! Yes but with handicaped children it's difficult because they usually don't have the same way to focus on something like we are :)
  7. Super Idea ! easier way ! i just need to record some nice fly to make it play with kids as spectator ! Ty !
  8. Hello, i have a HTC VIVE and i would like to know if it possible to Use the VR for a second player (spectator) like in the L69C an i am playing the game normally ? i woukd like to make some flying trip for Handicaped children who can't leave their room. Maybe someone already try to do that ?
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