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  1. At the end of the day, they were a bit of a random choice on ED's part. The default call signs follow to patterns: one is for manufacturers of small arms (Uzi, Enfield etc) one is for manufacturers of cars (Dodge, Ford etc). Personally I like them to have a bit of a theme to them for mission building reasons, but really there is no 'official system'.
  2. Got to stoke the fires of hype now and then, though.
  3. Those cute little things are the air data sensors. Used for speed and orientation measurements and whatnot.
  4. Some... people who are taking part in the closed beta tests may or may not have publicly shown the use of an SA-17 and one or two others, probably because they didn't realise that these were not released yet.
  5. I dislike how I no longer can see if the module forums I am interested in have new posts or not. P.S.: Do like the addition of the module icons, though.
  6. You really got me caught there. I honestly never believed those 'extra options' for the Warthog actually worked.
  7. Do you mean the movement indication 'line' or do you mean the actual speed gauge? The latter is obviously influenced by wind.
  8. Multiplayer generally requires someone to take the pilot role first, then someone else can occupy the corresponding CPG slot as well.
  9. Well, you need something to shoot at. You can create such a point on the fly by lasing and storing a point, so you don't have to fiddle with coordinates if you don't want to.
  10. Kang

    Google Earth

    It wouldn't even surprise me if, when visiting the actual place, you'd find an old Russian vehicle sat there with an ED logo and a DCS advertisement on it.
  11. If you expect naval assets from the South Atlantic map you are technically giving up on ED's effort and banking on Razbam doing a couple ships.
  12. AI can see and fight through the clouds, excluding ground haze and - I believe - fully closed overcasts. They don't affect IR seekers either.
  13. Kang


    'Pilot's radio trigger RADIO', it's in the cyclic stick section. Mind you, to use a radio you need to select the corresponding radio from the rotary dial in the middle console. PVT - talk among crew INT - intercom (e.g. for ground crew) 1 - FM radio 2 - UHF radio 3 - VHF radio
  14. Coming in May: DCS: Awkward and cringy romance subplot Goink a legend!
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