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  1. Would it be possible to see few screen shots of settings? Is it possible to zoom in rift? If yes where axis or a button can be sett. I cant find VR zoom anywhere in game settings. I am having hard time spotting ground targets in SU25T at ranges 2km+ I have supper sampling sett to 1.8 and models set to Large with no effect. I am sure I am doing something wrong.
  2. I am considering making both units the nav point selector and input device. Sorry if I am calling things the wrong names.
  3. Hi guys. I have bit more then 7 days left till I be sucked back to education. I am planing on making 1:1 scale nav panel Constructible with all you need to laser cut / 3D print to make one for yourself. I will be trying to build it on arduino uno r3 platform. I am thinking of building my Viggen cockpit one module at a time since I am totally new to arduino and DIY community. I am still working on the planing out the keys and switches I will be using so if you have any good and affordable suggestions please let me know. Now the main reason I am writing this post is I would like to ask for help making this happen. Could someone help me with finding measurements of the panel? I will be making the drawing in solid works tomorrow and will be crunching until I am done. I will post the progress as it goes.
  4. Hi. I am studying production technology. I have solid works on my hands I am still new to it but learning fast. I you need some custom parts or potential design prototypes that can be printed by 3d printer laser cur or CNCed I could try to give a hand. My first internship big project due next yer. Would love to use the free time to practice. PM me if you want some brainstorming in shaping the joystick. Currently I am trying to fool around with arduino and make myself a switch/trim board.
  5. You understand he talks about arduino knock off parts that are cheap to start with? This thing is 29.99GBP. I am interested to experiment with building my won switch/trim board too. I dont want to throw 80EUR for something that I most likely short circuit the first time I will fool around with it. And 80EUR can be used to buy a ready product so yeah. What is a good arduino to build on? Example: first option 20 toggle switches second option 12 toggle switches 3 sliders third option 20 toggle switches 3 sliders 3 turn nobs 1 directional hat
  6. I may the one guy in the field on this but I would not mind having even simplified chopper as an option. Something like a planes in Flaming Cliff. Just have basic power on/off engine on/off exc. For as long as it has full customization options in therms of cargo/equipment it can have on it. And if it is popular make a separate module with fully clickable cockpit. I bit off topic: I am a casual flyer in DCS and I have most of the modules but still my favorite plane I used the most hours is still SU-25T that is free in DCS. It is complicated to use not because of its cockpit but because of how you have to use it in CAS. Getting in the danger zone on most of the attacks and so on. I would like to see SU-25TM or other modernized variant with clickable cockpit.
  7. i5 2500K @ 4.5Ghz/16GB RAM 1600Mhz/MSI G1 GTX 980ti/S34E790C monitor/Oculus CV1/TM Warthog HOTAS/ Saitek battle pro pedals/Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD I use recommended VR setting for DCS and pixel density increased to factor of 2.0 If playing on a monitor i can play at high/ultra at resolution of 3440x1440 of my monitor at 35/60fps most of the time
  8. My second VR video edit. I was thinking how to increase the quality of the picture since window on desktop is tall and as narrow as 720p. I used saved replay and captured it on 2d 1080p window with ultra settings. Ended up sinking webcam footage with the replay and it looks way more decent. My webcam was off center... must have bumped it while flying to destination :doh: That was just a second attempt. Still learning. :thumbup: Enjoy! :pilotfly:
  9. My first attempt to edit captured video in VR. Ended up with 720p :noexpression: Enjoy! :pilotfly: looks like I am not good at linking the video Fixed it... Both links work
  10. Current zoom implementation is not working as well as in 2d and will not feel right if zoom strength gets increased. Zoom needs different approach. This may be a direction to go :joystick:
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