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  1. Try turning off Reprojection and Force DX11. I re-installed my 3090 and don't have all my settings handy at moment.
  2. Many nights playing that back in the day. The Golden Age of Sims....
  3. I have one. You're going to want a fast GPU to be able to run it. It's can be a pain setting up the lighthouses and getting the software setup right. You can get by without it but don't get full DOF. One lighthouse is recommended, two is preferred. It doesn't come with controllers either but you don't need them for DCS. The field of view is awesome and you get more of a sense of speed using it, as you can see more out of your peripheral. You get way less of the SCUBA mask effect. With that said, I use the Reverb G2 as a daily driver.
  4. What do you have your TDC slew control mapped to? and can you slew your DMT?
  5. In MP, the server would have to allow export of all flight data. Not sure what's going on in your SP.
  6. Did you take TPOD out of SLAVE mode? And put TPOD in HOTAS mode (SSS Down)? Should show "TPOD".
  7. I get the same thing sometimes. Went to 64GB. Check your page file size and pre-load radius size.
  8. Can confirm. This is from a MP client side server. The aircraft in foreground is Player controlled. The A/C on elevator is static. Appears the landing gear are sinking through deck. Maybe a collision issue?
  9. I have a Leap Motion unit and it only works in certain aircraft, not all. I tried using it in the Harrier and all I could do was close the canopy, which was cool to do. Hopefully, it develops further. With Point Ctrl, you basically point and you can toggle switches up and down quickly. Once you get it set up right, it's quick. I put the Aux Buttons on my G2 and one side, I have mapped Zoom and the flashlight. The other side, NVGs and gain up and down.
  10. I've used the VR controllers, I've used the mouse cursor and bound it to a joystick button. Then I went to the Tek Creations UFC, Point Ctrl and Cougar MFDs. I use different shapes and textures of adhesive velcro hook and loop. Almost like braille. I put pieces on certain areas as a reference where the middle buttons are on the UFC and MFDs, then I can work by feel off where the buttons are. I then don't have to take my hand off the stick when working an MFD or UFC. The idea is similar to finding the home keys on a keyboard by the ridges. I Point Ctrl allows me to hit switches and flip them in different directions.
  11. I fly with a small group on a private server. No squadron requirements. Just a couple of Harriers and a few Hornets. What time zone you in?
  12. I'm running a 5800X and 5900X in VR with both a 3090 and 6900XT. I'm currently using the 5800X and 6900XT and very pleased in VR. For VR, I would get as much GPU as you can get. In terms of performance CPU wise, the 5900X leads by only a small margin. I almost want to get the 5600X and try that out. If you have a need for productivity or video editing, get the 5900X. If not, I think you're fine with the 5600X and 5800X.
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