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  1. works fine for me. first time I had a timeout but that was expected because I use a third party firewall. Every time a new program attempts to make its first connection to the internet I get a popup dialog. Causes issues here and there with setups that create temp files that connect to the internet, but 99% of the time it works perfect. Far better than windows built in firewall which in no way lets you know about attempted connections. Only goes off the rules set by the installation program. So if ovgme installer didn't create the necessary firewall rules or you are using the portable mode one, you wouldn't even know that it was attempting to connect to the internet and failing because windoze. I mean, it's windoze. This kinda obviously needed and expected <profanity> just doesn't exist.
  2. Were you ever able to get this working? I have done it in the past.. If you still want to know I can take a look for you, but I'll wait to hear back from ya
  3. just do a grep search for *.lua in the DCS root directory. https://i.imgur.com/jTSbdZJ.gifv dnGREP is a great alternative to powerGREP
  4. just do a grep search in the dcs folder for *.lua
  5. this can easily be done with most programming languages. Not a programmer? Try a scripting language! Powershell comes on your computer and using the FileSystemWatcher is extraordinary simple!
  6. @skatezilla well wasn't a big issue, point was that i was left with a 0b file and had no knowledge of a backed up file. Mind you this was back in the last release that used the SZGS Mini Updater, basically it hangs on the restarting application portion, but I gather this is all irrelevant as of now as you don't appear to be using the mini updater anymore.
  7. @skatezilla not sure if this the proper place for a issue reporting, but today after a month of having played, started up updater utility and said yes, then as per normal operation with most programs it initially failed because of the firewall. It would appear that the utility deleted the previous version before ensuring that the new was able to be downloaded. Was left with a 0b file
  8. Dead Links on 104th thanks you for this! btw, i don't know if you are a member of the 104th, or if they are just hosting your mod, but the link on the 104th website for v1.21 is dead if that matters to you Mustang's Mods Direct Download Link
  9. lol I guess I could fly to neil peart destroying the drums while I fly
  10. Hey Skate, nice improvements on the utility whenever the last update was (I just updated as I thought to my self new modules had been released so there is bound to be an update). Wanted to provide some input/suggestions from my observations and wanted to know what you thought of them. Some sort of master selection switch/options selection that allows user to designate whether or not he is a FC3 owner. Reasoning behind this would be for completing the 'getting all the red lights green' objective, or simply de-clutter option for some of our more OCD / neat freak friends (and myself lol). I understand why you made it the way it is as you can own FC3 or the individual FC3 aircraft, but I thought instead of filling in ownership bubble light of all FC3 modules if user owns FC3 main module, it would make more sense to either show FC3 main module or FC3 individual modules. Less important I was wondering if the ability to rename custom #x would be a useful feature to some or more simply, have custom #x auto-renamed to the version # that is detected. Also some sort of checkbox or option to allow the custom #2 or both custom #'s to show/not show depending on the users preferences. Really want all those lights green (lol just kidding, I will not be coming close for some time) Thanks for your eyes, Paul
  11. I've found 15 - 16 ms as the magical number that most games / sims recognize, but you are saying that 10 works for DCS? I think I read in the AHK forums that it has something to do with directx and key presses, key holds and the interpreters ability to differentiate between the presses etc
  12. Quick Summation TL;DR LOMAC (v1.0 or v1.02) works so long as you don't upgrade past v1.02; after that, you introduce LOFC1 which will begin to cause problems* LOFC2 (v1.0 or v1.2.1) works if the PC can detect LOMAC installed on PC during installation of LOFC2 ; LOFC1 not required. *It is stated that there are windows 7 (windows 7 compatible usually means windows 7+ compatible) drivers for star-force, but even after obtaining these I was unable to produce a working copy. Somewhere in some forum I have read confirmation that LOFC1 is indeed working on win7+ through the star-force drivers.
  13. This Exists for DCS You have seen the one that exists for DCS right? I missed it at first cause I thought it was only the FIP but it's the X52 Pro MFD & the FIP
  14. Maybe I missed something because I didn't read all the comments but.. Yeah it seems that y'all might be going to extra steps to achieve the extra functionality of these extra buttons. Maybe this was an issue that was sorted out over time but I found out long time ago that all you needed to do was no assign the buttons (say 16, 17 and 18 = the three on the throttle mouse wheel [left click + wheel up and wheel down]) and same with the other buttons on the MFD (dont know # - ~38 or something lol) = [MFD Page Up, MDF Page Down, MFD Page Up / Page Down *PRESSED DOWN*, MFD (on current page) Selector Up, MFD (on current page) Selector Down, MFD (on current page) Selector Up /Selector Down *PRESSED DOWN*, MFD Timer Start/Stop, MDF Timer Reset. Basically the mouse one's are the ones able to be freed up in my experience, (I only listed three above but there is actually 4 if the left mouse button on the throttle is unbinded (RClick, LClick, WheelUp, WheelDown) and the other MFD one's just depended on the game/sim in question. Some would detect the extra buttons and others wouldn't. DCS has always gave me the extra buttons.
  15. Can't get a link with MFD, looking for old FIP drivers? I just want to add something that may have been included in here, at least I hope it has. TL;DR: You need the FSX MFD Drivers to properly establish a link with the MFD's directoutput for ANY MFD related program/plugin. Unless my computer was serious screwed up, noting worked without the FSX drivers and right after installing them everything worked instantly. SYNOPSIS: I have come to the conclusion that the current 7_0_53_6 drivers (at least the x64 arch release) does not include the sufficient drivers (or some related process involving installation or identification of said drivers) for a properly functioning MFD when used without the FSX MFD driver installation. This current OS that I'm running hadn't been able to establish a link with the MFD. All the original programs that had worked before were no longer working. Everything from 3rd party user made apps to the SDK's test.exe. I was starting to think that the newest drivers nuked the MFD directoutput because of this. Then I got a stupid idea. I thought that it would been a good idea to test out the FSX MFD as that is the flagship advertisement as far as the x52 pro and the MFD so I was thinking that if this doesn't work then that further corroborates my theory. After installing the FSX drivers from saitek and testing them out in FSX (success) I tried everything and it all of a sudden it worked. PRESTO!. So I have two things to say. I sort of remember reading somewhere that it had to be installed first but as far as I can tell it isn't blatantly advertised and I certainly didn't remember it. They can't expect every owner to have FSX now can they? I am certain that I read on Raptor007's website that a certain version x.x.x.x of the saitek drivers could only be found within one version of the FIP drivers (actually not listed on Saitek FTP and only found on original CD). This is for the old SD6 drivers just in case you all wanna use your old MFD programs. IL-2 1946 still big boss. Damn backwards compatibility!! Why aren't you a bigger priority!
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