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  1. Hi! I'm running my Pimax 5k+ (normal view, 90HZ) in combination with a I9-9900K, 1080TI and 32GB Ram. Currently I have three different options for quality and performance settings: - PI-Tool Render Quality - Steam Supersampling - DCS Pixel density Which settings have the greatest impact on DCS rendering quality and which setting reduces the flickering of edges? Any suggestions for a basic setup?
  2. Thank you for the answers. Will try it :-)
  3. Hi! I currently play coop DCS missions with a friend and never tried CA before, so I've some questions: - Is it possible to play CA in coop style against KI? The idea is to have a commander which has a (limited) strategic view on the map and can assign dynamic waypoints/targets to other players. - Is it possible to host a dedicated server with dynamic KI actions? - Will CA run with DCS 2.5 beta? - How do you setup/start a CA multiplayer session? Thank you :-)
  4. Hi, I just got my Pimax and trying to find the best settings. There are many different tutorials, but I'm not sure where to begin. What are the most important settings for clarity of cockpit panels? PD in DCS, render quality in Pitool or Steam Supersampling? Update: I found out that Steam Supersampling has the biggest impact on clarity. With normal FOV, PITool 1.0, Steam SS 90% and DCS PD 1.1 I get acceptable results of about 35FPS.
  5. I just made my first flights as RIO and had some problems and questions: - I set up a mission with 5 waypoints but they are not shown in the TID. No matter which settings I use. Do I have to load waypoints manually before flight? What do I have to do to show the waypoints in TDI and how can I share them with the pilot? - The Tac Data page in the CAP panel only shows 3 waypoints. How can I select waypoint 4,5,...? - The radar doesn't seem to spot any plane. We flew directly behind planes in a distance of 10-20nm and switched through all radar modes, elevation and angles - nothing appeared in the DDD and the TID is also empty -
  6. Also ich habe mich Schritt für Schritt mit der F18 vorgearbeitet und bin noch immer am Lernen. Meistens habe ich mir kleine Ziele gesetzt, wie z.B. die Startup-Prozedur, danach Starten und Landen, dann Navigation, dann die verschiedenen A/G Modi, dann Radar, dann AA, dann EW und CM, Trägerlandung Case 1-3,... Für alle diese Schritte habe ich mir zuerst auf youtube möglichst kurze Tutorials angeschaut und danach in DCS umgesetzt. Handbuch habe ich nur zur Ergänzung genommen, um kleine Lücken zu füllen. Wiichtig ist, nicht alles auf einmal zu machen, sonst steht man vor einem riesigen Berg und ist anschließend frustriert.
  7. I also don't think it's a pure VR problem. Maybe reducing the weathering effects would be a good first step to solve the readability problems. If it isn't too much work you could provide two different cockpit types. Factory new and the current one.
  8. Just tried out the F-14. It really looks and feels awesome! But I have problems with reading text at the panels at 3440x1440 resolution. Some buttons and switches are only readable with a very high zoom factor. I think they used too much weathering effects on some cockpit elements.
  9. So which mode should I choose for air combat? S/A? Full manual? Bypass dispenser?
  10. Hi! I just tried to set the ALE-47 to "Auto" mode, but chaffs and flares aren't deployed automatically in air combat. Dispenser switch is on, ALR-67 power is on, master arm on, missiles incoming... Any idea what could be wrong? Is auto mode not implemented in EA?
  11. Nice review. What about the clarity of distant objects compared to the Rift? Are they still blurry/muddy, or is the resolution high enough? Sold my Rift, because other planes/objects in the distance looked like a blurry cloud.
  12. Hi! I just built my first button panel using Arcaze. In the configuration software everything works fine, but as soon as I add a modifier e.g. STRG+1 to a switch and try to map it in DCS to any function, it doesn't work. DCS only recognize the modifier STRG but not the 1. Tried all combinations, but without success. Any idea why modifiers aren't working?
  13. Hmmm... I had a 40 degree scan with 2 bars and moved the TDC cursor to the position of the enemy plane to be sure that the enemy is inside the scanned altitude... Have to try it again ;-)
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