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  1. While In cockpit I cant seem to bring up the kneeboard, not in the red flag campaign or any “instant action” flight (haven’t tried anything else)., anyone else ??
  2. HoYa

    Syria in OB

    I just bought the syria map, which is absolutely gorgeous !! it shows up in ME in stable, but it doesn’t show in OB. ! I’m sure I’m not doing something but I don’t have a clue what it is. All other maps NTTR, Marianas, PG, Normandy show up in both stable and OB.
  3. If the heading set knob (yellowish marker on the HSI) is mapped to the hotas, in my case TH warthog’s Chinese hat, it moves very, very, slowly. Much slower than working it in the game using the mouse. any chance we could speed it up ?? Thanks and BTW, doing a GREAT job on the viper !!!
  4. Yes I use the f10 menu, but it only gives wingman, flight, second element, options. and I’m using easy comms, so no issue there.
  5. What panel ? It’s a low fidelity model…
  6. On the blue nose bastards campaign, there are several missions with 3 flights. Regardless of commands available (wingman, flight, and 2nd element) I can’t get the other 2 flights to engage the bandits. They just fly around in a loose formation. What’s the trick ??
  7. Sadly that’s not it. I might have a corrupt file it something. The HUD is all screwed up even the flight controls are way off. Even the light that indicates nose wheel steering doesn’t work, basically it’s all screwed up…
  8. this makes sense, f15s are taking off and the viper noticeably rocks back and forth. I’ll wait till they are gone. Tks
  9. On the f16 mission “the night life”. I can’t get the alignment to work for navigation. Regardless of how long I sit there or manually enter it the alignment just gets “stuck” at 93 or 92, and never flashes on the hud. Anyone else ??? seems like a really cool mission that I would love to fly.
  10. HoYa


    When will this be available for stable ???
  11. Got it ! Bind it to the slider instead of a button, works great, thanks everyone !!
  12. Is there any plans to make the RDR /TDC less jumpy while using the TPG in narrow view ? ive tried different curves, saturation’s, and dead zones but it’s still a nightmare. Just needs to be slowed down...
  13. How do you curve a button input ? I’m clearly missing something
  14. So sensitive it’s impossible to get the desired setting.
  15. Is anyone else having an issue with the radar elevation being super sensitive ?
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