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  1. I've seen several people say this but I don't really understand why that would be a show-stopper. I mean, the method of encryption being used in the link is pretty much irrelevant in regards to simulating it anyway, and regarding things like range and update rate and bandwidth, I'm sure some reasonable estimations can be done. We don't have the exact performance figures for a lot of missiles and such either, but people seem to be fine with making some educated guesses there so how is this so different?
  2. Was the high altitude issues every fixed? I remember the AB mysteriously cutting out when approaching mach 2 and then it wouldn't relight until you got down to low altitude again, and sometimes not even then.
  3. The only way to really do it properly is to simulate the original seekers functionality by letting it do feature-detection on a low-res rendered picture. I think you could actually do that relatively easily using something like OpenCV. The only issue is that it will require a little bit of CPU time to do.
  4. Would be absolutely awesome if DCS could be like Steel Beasts / ArmA on the ground, and I'm guessing that is probably the long term plan since a while back, considering the rename to Digital Combat Simulator (not Flight simulator). I guess the big question is: Is there a market for it? Would enough people be willing to pay for a simulation-level tank module the same as for an aircraft module? I hope so! But who knows...
  5. Ragnar, I think it would be hugely appreciated, as well as good for sales, if you would put together a really comprehensive guide to all the different weapons delivery-modes, especially in regards to bombs, rockets and guns. Because I have personally really struggled with figuring these out and without much success, so it has really been a very frustrating experience which hade made me fly the Viggen a lot less, despite the fact that I really want to like this aircraft. And it's not just me, I've read so many other posts about this and watching youtube videos where people are equally frustrated/puzzled. So please please please fix all the remaining bugs in this (if there are any) and make a manual that really explains super clearly how it all works. It's such a fantastic module I just hate to see it brought down by things like this.
  6. That's what I thought, thanks! So AJ37's and J35's probably wouldn't operate together in most circumstances. Unless perhaps there was a huge incoming bomber formation and there were not enough J35's so the AJ37's had to be used as interceptors. Still really cool to get an AI J35 though, looking forward to it.
  7. Speaking of this... I know the J35 was used for quite a long time alongside the AJ37 before the introduction of the JA37, but was the J35 ever used to actually escort AJ37's? I've sort of gotten the impression that the fighter role of this era was mostly about intercepting bombers, and not really about fighting for air superiority against other figthers, but I don't really know and I'm sure there's some people in here who does...
  8. I realize that this should be low priority since you're not really *supposed* to land the Viggen on the Stennis, but since you can - and therefore you could theoretically do some carrier-ops with the Viggen, could we get a fix for this please? :) I know it bounces on the old carriers as well I just had hoped that it would be fixed on this new one, but not so...
  9. This! Tracks have always been broken for as long as I can remember. I didn't play Flanker but I know it's been like this at least since LOMAC, and that was released 2003 so it's at least 15 years now that this has been broken. I understand that it's probably not a simple fix, otherwise ED would have patched it by now. But personally I would prefer it if they didn't include broken stuff like this. Most of the time I think it's better to not release something if it only "kind of" works. I just feel like this has caused sooo much confusion and headaches for so many people over the years.
  10. Honestly I don't think there's a right way to do it since I'm pretty sure it's bugged. I also spent a lot of time a while ago trying to figure this out, but based on my experiences and from what I've read here on the forum the plane itself seems to be broken in a lot of ways, so I'm waiting for the proper release from now on.
  11. What works for me is to pull back very hard and then immediatly releasing to almost neutral. This makes the nose wheel "unstick" from the tarmac and rotates the aircraft just enough to get you a little bit of alpha but not enough to trigger the warning and then you just have to very gently adjust the alpha from there to get it to be just enough to take off and just shy of triggering the warning. Takes some practice to get it right and this is probably not how they do it in real life :)
  12. Hey, just wondering if there's any plans on adding any Swedish ground units to DCS? Things that would be nice to see are RBS 70 manpads, STRV 103, PBV302, etc. Maybe even CV90 & LVKV90? Even if it's just the units and they don't come with a scandinavian map it would still make it possible to build a lot of fun & interesting scenarios based on an invasion of Sweden, which of course is exactly the scenario the Viggen was designed for.
  13. The aim9 doesn't do lock-after-launch? If that's the case then yes there's definitely a bug since I "mad-dog" these all the time and it definitely works quite often. Regarding bombing I've had lots of issues with that, but I haven't tried it for a couple of weeks so...
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